Last weekend in music festivals…

(meant to post this a few days ago.. whatevs)

So, last weekend was pretty busy for San Francisco. Or, at least, I for one was getting pretty busy in SF. ;)LoveFest (or this year dubbed ‘LovEvolution’) was on Saturday, and we also attended the bluegrass festival (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass) at Golden Gate Park for a little while on Sunday.


LoveFest is basically a ginormous dance music parade and festival held in downtown SF, as in… a blockaded-off section of streets around City Hall and the public library, haha. It was fairly insane, as to be expected I suppose, and also insanely crowded (I can’t yet find an estimate of the event attendance, but I’d definitely guess somewhere around 100,000 people there).  Sadly, we didn’t go in time for the parade, but after waiting for several long periods of time, finally made it into the festival part.

First of all, the outfits. Oh.. my… GOD, THE OUTFITS. As someone who really enjoys wearing crazy outfits, and seeing others wear them, I was entertained every single minute of the festival just people-watching.


Crazy outfits are definitely compulsory at this event. To go with crazayy behavior, I guess. I was amazed at the variety of delightful getups I saw almost every single minute, because everyone was different and pretty much equally CRAZY! But, I did start to notice some trends: furry bootcovers were huge. Tiny clothing, also big. (Occasionally no clothing.. thanks, dudes) A looot of American Apparel, often shiny (just check out my outfit). But there were definitely some singular items: giraffe hats. Neon green spandex full bodysuit (incl. head/face). Man dressed as a satyr (with furry pants and horns). I mean.. wow, I wish I had taken notes or something but I was took busy being like “Wow! Whoah. WOW.” every few minutes.



Now, I consider myself a fairly big fan of “dance” music, but not totally of the type mainly heard at this event.  Which is just as well, because at this festival moreso than others I’ve attended, the focus is on the experience rather than the artists. Still, it was really cool to wander from float to float checking out the scene, and occasionally joining in the dancing. Just being there was fun and exciting. People were climbing up onto traffic lights!


One of these people was dressed like a monkey! (and of course the camera died when we tried to take a picture.)

Also there was quite a bit of amazing diva action. Ohhh, SanFran. ❤



We didn’t go to the official Afterparty (it cost like $50..) so again I guess I’m not fully qualified to evalute the entire event, considering I didn’t see the parade either. We’re 1 for 3 here. But! We ended up going to a free disco dance night which ended up being faaaaantastic. Gemini Disco! It has a cool name too. (I’m a Gemini, and I like disco, and I therefore really like Gemini Disco.)

So, all in all, I have to say I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY, and enjoyed interacting with others probably even more immensely. Though the crowds were annoying, I can see why people thronged. Looking forward to next year! LET IT ALL HANG OUT! … Figuratively, fellows.


I have a lot less to say about the bluegrass festival, I must admit, if only because we were there for such a short time. However, during that short time, we got to “see”/mainly hear  Neko Case! For free! Hurrah! It was also insanely crowded, but seemed like a pretty neat scene. A lot of people had dogs, blankets, picnics, bottles of wine, etc and were sprawled out everywhere in GG Park, though it was far too crowded to move much in a lot of areas. Would have liked to be there longer (i.e. have gotten there earlier.. whoops) but alas. Had I but known Marianne Faithful was going to be performing, I might have put in some extra hustle?

Neko sounded great, but was backlit by a blazing orange sun heading slowly down, so we couldn’t see her too well at all. We could see a flaming orange halo of light around her hair in silouhette, though, so that was acceptable. 🙂


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  1. Savannah Says:

    Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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