Remi Gaillard is a crazy french dude who makes disruptive mini-movies in public, to humorous effect. Moreover, we share a first name. Therefore, I’m a little more inclined to find this hilarious, I suppose (see such titles as ‘Saving Private Remi’ and ‘Remi Gaillard as a Bodybuilder Imposter’). [Hereafter, I will stop using these words to start sentences (at least for a little while)]. So, Mr. Gaillard… french “Jackass” with a twist, maybe?

In other news, I think I might write a short story about this crazy news story. (that sentence was a sentence about news and stories.) Then the story can be made into a hit movie, ’cause it’s already hecka cinematic and shit. Don’t go stealin’ my idea now! Cause I’m going to steal it first, from REAL LIFE.


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