This weekend in secondhand scavenging…

I’ll just come right out and say, I am NUTS about garage sales, thrift stores, vintage/consignment etc. I got some mighty good stuff this weekend. First of all, I bought these shoes:


From this store:


So, obviously that was a delight ^_^ Magenta and turquoise are my favorite colors, and purple is second favorite (well, maybe tied with sea foam green, haha).

Continuing on my way, I encountered a yard sale which yielded up some mighty fine fashion wares:


Guatemalan poncho?? This is really more decorative than wearable (atm has too-tiny arm/head holes so I might hang it on the wall). But wow, I am digging these colors, and it’s got some hellza nice embroidery.


Sweater dress with long sleeves. It’s about knee-length. I reeeally want to get a silver belt to go with this. Also, amaaaazing sunglasses are a must. Fashion tips by cutesaurus, hope you’re taking notes ;D


Got this sweeet really nice peacoat that is quite fuzzy, slightly too big, but warm. It has deep pockets, and it is full of magic. I wore it to the Treasure Island festival and it is definitely one of my current favorite things.

I got all of these things for a grand total of $30. Hooray!

Other pictures I feel the need to share:


I… have no freaking clue what this means. I believe it was out in front of a hair salon, but still. $10 kids? I’ll take 5! Oh, crap, I guess I’m not a senior… and I’m definitely not a special senior.


I was all alone in the train station. Kinda spooky. Also, I realized this picture kind of looks like a face. HELLO, BART.


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2 Responses to “This weekend in secondhand scavenging…”

  1. iheartfilm Says:

    Nice peacoat. 🙂

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