Halloween Horror Bonanza: Episode 1 – [Rec] (2007) [/Quarantine(2008)]

Being as it’s Halloween week, I’m going to try to post about a horror movie at least once a day this week! Because I like horror movies (some, anyway), and this will give me an excuse to watch and talk about some of them. I’m planning to mix some of my favorites with some new (to me) choices, but there isn’t going to be much rhyme or reason to the selections. Disclaimerz.


Anyway, I just got done watching [Rec] (yes, the brackets are part of the title) for the first time, a spanish-language horror film that was more recently remade as Quarantine (which I saw in the theater). Both are of the “cam” subgenre, meaning the handheld camera and point-of-view style of shooting throughout the movie (ex. The Blair Witch Project).

This makes for a lot of the film’s scariness and excitement, because the viewer is up close with the characters and usually can only see what they see. Scary noises suddenly seem even scarier, and those “jump” moments are super-intensified due to the narrow range of sight of the camera.

As usual, I would advise seeing the original either before or instead of the remake, but in this case, it’s an extremely close remake (shot-for-shot a lot of the time) so it doesn’t matter as much I suppose. If you  are like most Americans who don’t like subtitles, I guess you can just watch Quarantine. Both have the same sci-fi horror plot, which is a cool one, but is for the most part, the backdrop for the scariness and killing, haha.


[Rec] is a little over an hour long, and packs a ton of punch into that time. Definitely not much down time to speak of.

As remakes go, Quarantine is pretty dang faithful, though obviously I haven’t seen it again since seeing the original. Still, like any movie with a lot of surprises, the impact comes entirely in the first viewing, so I wasn’t as shocked by things in Rec that definitely got me in Quarantine.

Important: watch this movie without the lights on, and give it your full attention. I guess this should go without saying for any movie, ESPECIALLY horror movies, if you really expect it to have anything like the intended impact. I don’t want to ruin anything about the plot, so just trust me and watch it*!

Cutesaurus, signing off. XO

*if you like to get the pants scared off you, of course


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