Photo post

I took these photos in Davis a while back (in the springtime) and never got around to posting them, so I am gradually doing that now. The architecture post I did was also from this day, and I have one most set of pictures to post still. It was a day filled with cool things to see, what can I say.

These are the sort of random ones that didn’t fit with either of the other sets, but are still worth posting.





this tree is incredibly moody


shoe tree

Just like in that movie Wag the Dog, with the “good old shoe” thing!! hahaha. Guess if you haven’t seen it you have no idea. But, a tree filled with shoes! WHAT!



Aww, kitties in the park on leashes! Hey friends.


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One Response to “Photo post”

  1. saraswafi Says:

    pret-ay pix guuurlll

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