HHB 4: The Descent (2005, Neil Marshall)

the_descent-screenshot01Certainly my favorite of the movies I will write about this week, and a major contender for my favorite horror movie, period. The Descent.  I absolutely love this movie. It’s so well-made, so different from any other movie in the genre, and so creepy.

Furthermore, all the characters are buff, badass female cave-divers, (well.. not ALL the characters, but I don’t want to spoil things, haha) and the result is pleasantly surprising and not at all gimmicky. Anyway, more Spoilerz: this movie is gory. Well, only at certain parts. Overall it’s intensely suspenseful and great at building up dread.

It takes place almost entirely in a system of caves, and the lighting is almost all diegetic (light source actually seen onscreen) which makes for an extremely dark, claustrophobic feel. Super-effective. I don’t get scared by movies easily, but this is the only movie that has ever actually made me SCREAM (and jump off the couch, if you must know). Truly a gripping and unique viewing experience, not to be missed. (those faint of heart or claustrophobic can consider themselves exempt)


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