Halloween Horror Bonanza…

Soooo yeah, I really fell off there on the daily movie posting :X Right when it was Halloween and most important, too. SORRY! I got way too busy working on my costume and hanging out with EJ (the bf). Priorities are important.

As a penance, I’ll just talk briefly about a couple more horror favorites of mine (didn’t quite make it to 7, but oh well). I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but you should check these out anyway. Or, keep them in mind for next year, if you only watch horror movies around Halloween (like a lamer) haha.

Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead)– Peter Jackson, 1992

Definitely my favorite zombie movie. This one isn’t scary so much as hilarious and awesomely, crazily gory (often in a hilarious way). In fact, it’s rated R for “an abundance of outrageous gore”. Apparently 300 liters of fake blood were used in the infamous ‘lawnmower’ scene! Come on, you’re intrigued now.


The story begins with a Sumatran rat monkey bite at the zoo and honestly only gets better and better from there. The two main actors are also sooo appealing (I don’t mean like hawt, I mean adorable and really fun to watch – seriously).


To top it all off, it was directed by Peter Jackson. Yes, the Lord of the Rings guy.

Suspiria – Dario Argento, 1977


The two best things about Suspiria, the cinematography and the score, are in themselves enough to warrant labelling this one as a ‘must-see’. It’s a nightmarish fairytale set in a top European ballet school, where mysterious and sinister goings-on seem to be afoot – all captured in the most saturated colors, dramatic framings, and creepily insidious yet delicately beautiful soundtrack.


Interestingly, Argento composed the score with the band Goblin prior to any filming, and then played it during the filming, to really get the feel of it in the look of the movie (and also to creep out the actors!).


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