My costume… from the FUTURE!! ;)

I had a lot of fun with this. I think a lot of variations on this theme are possible and would definitely be fun too! I really wished I had some kind of neon blaster, haha. I intended to make more futuristic gadgets as well,  but didn’t have the time or the supplies to make them look really good.

Except for my power glove.


powergloveI made this thing with a ski glove (thrift store), handheld light-up tetris game (brand new in package at thrift store! the lid opens when you press the silver button), assorted craft gems, a bit of construction paper, glue and voila! Fanciful space accessory.

The total ensemble:

costumefuture Space dress (consignment shop in Reno), shiny fanny pack (Americal Apparel), neon magenta wig (from teh internets), power glove seen above, my ridiiiiculous platform white mod boots (had these forever, wear them almost every Halloween.. they make me about 6’4!!), black tights, blue knee highs, silver headband (AA) with TV antennae attached, futuristic makeups with more gems of POWER!




Had an awful lot of fun in this outfit, though the boots were KILLING me after awhile!


(me with my goodpal Sara, dressed as a [by this point very drunk] pair of scissors. see my next entry for moar)


Future trains. Trains are futuristic. Kinda.

And of course this kind of thing requires some photoshop fun.


So there you have it! Good futuristic times.


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3 Responses to “My costume… from the FUTURE!! ;)”

  1. Glendy Says:

    Wow your costume is super fun 🙂 I love it!!!

    Much love,

  2. Suzanne C. Says:

    NICE COSTUME!!! I love it reminds me off LIGHTS. I got this link from Doe’s blog.

  3. saraswafi Says:

    oh god… so much rad shit and one deeerunk goodpal

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