Star Wars Uncut

Check this out: the largest fan re-creation ever, of Star Wars in 15 second clips submitted via internet. It’s still underway, and you can still submit scenes! Check out the trailer. A lot of fun! I can’t imagine that watching the whole movie in different 15 second clips won’t induce conniptions, though. Haha. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

There are a ton of hilarious and delightfully inventive ones already. Some animated ones, a claymation one, a scene in the trash compactor done using ferrets, one that involves kind of a Pulp Fiction mash-up, and many, many more.

We made and submitted our scene today. EJ picked the one where Leia confesses that the rebel base is on Dantooine:

Erich stars as Princess Leia, myself as Grand Moff Tarkin, RoboCop as Darth Vader, and Sara as my henchperson (who incidentally has never seen Star Wars). This was a lot of fun to make, haha.

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 227 (arrrgh, for some reason this video is refusing to show up embedded??)

Aahahahahaha. I kind of love it. 15 seconds of goodness, as so many of these are. Good job team!

So, make some scenes, people! Spread the word. Hilarity and fun abound in this project. [May the force be… oh nevermind]


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