Fun with lip products

So, I’ve been having fun playing with the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars the internet makeup world has been buzzing about. These are super-pigmented color glosses with a unique texture, and come in a complete range of colors, including some crazy ones like blue, green, and yellow – they’re intended to be mixed to create your ideal shade.

So far, I have six of the shades (haha god I have problems with makeup buying) and four more samples on the way. The colors I own are fairly “normal” – Hush (pink-nude), Anime (BRIGHT hot pink), Katricia (medium lavender purple), Feathered (white), Plum (browny-plum), Grandma (coral). Soon I will also be able to use RX (bright blue), Tarred (black), Vintage (deep burgundy), and NSFW (bright red) to make even more colors, hurrah!

Last night I was playing around with some of them…

liptarspurple1This is a mixture of Katricia, Plum, and Feathered. I put a lot on for the picture and because they do look nice when carefully applied in this way, but this would be horribly impractical for actual wear.

In fact, I think the only way to successfully wear these out is by (well, following the directions the site gives) and using a tiny amount with a lip brush – much less than you would use of any other gloss. The formula is really slippery and will smear/get on teeth easily if you put too much. I also really recommend blotting it to get the nice color without the gloppy mess!

Here’s a little bit of Anime (hot pink) added to the above and then blotted.

purpleplusanimeA little more normal, right? Haha, well at least in my book.

I then decided to put a different weird gloss over that – MAC’s Cobalt Blue pro gloss.

cobaltblueooOOoooo… though as much as I love this, I can’t imagine ever wearing it outside of the house, haha 😉

Well, that was fun indeed.


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