More Halloween pictures

Continued adventures in future costume in San Fran. This was actually on Friday, Oct 30. On real Halloween, we went to Davis for the free Art Brut show (read more about it in my music blog here).

My companions were:

‘Super’ Sara as Scissors:

sarascissors1 sarascissors2

Suuuper indeed. Very cute, creative, and easy idea. She got both items at American Apparel because of last-minute time crunch, so it ended up being kind of pricey, but could be duplicated with less $$ items 😉

EJ as Han Solo:


A valiant last-minute effort as well.. costume could still use a blaster (as could mine, haha.. I learned I need to shop for potential blasters all year round) and some boots. Who’s scruffy lookin’?!

Interestingly, EJ would go on the dress up as Princess Leia the very next day… (see previous post) What does this say about my man, I wonder?

I think we made a pretty cool looking bunch:


We encountered many strange folk and some good costumes, and some that were frightening.


Clearly, I was very perturbed.

Sara, however, was not.


(Incidentally, I think we may be going to one or both of the shows advertised on the posters in this picture! The other one is Neon Indian.. yessss)

The Dia De Los Muertos face makeup mask costume seems to be gaining in popularity. These dudes wore it well.


After a long night out, we encountered someone Sara knew on the long train ride home at about 2 am.


I love everything about this picture. Check out the reflection of the clearly very delighted me and EJ.

Well, I think that does it for my Halloween photos to post, finally. What a good holiday 😀


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