Awesome Berkeley bargains and freebies thus far…

Berkeley is a pretty hip place, and a great place for thrifting, consignment, garage sales, etc etc. Sometimes people even leave boxes/bags of stuff out in front of their house for the taking, some of which is actually good!

I got these two books out of a free bag…

henrypoodleLike new hardcover Harry Potter 7 (a $35 book!) and a poodle care manual with a hilarious cover portrait. I don’t intend to keep this for much longer (honest), but rather to leave it somewhere funny for an unsuspecting stranger to find.

The other day I got two more tiny delights from a box on top of someone’s recycle bin.

raphnmeLego Ninja Turtle (Raphael, my childhood favorite. Red is the closest color to pink, you see) and a plastic R (for my name and also Raphael, haha). Sara got Donatello and a few other little Lego people. Thanks, mysterious Berkeley strangers!

Moving on to items that actually cost money, albeit a small amount, I got this neon red bodysuit/leotard in nice condition from a garage sale for $1.

neonredbodysuitBallet rave. Need 2 find neon 22 now haaaah

I also went to Target and got some nice sale items for very cheap. Braided green belt for $3.70!


And this big bright blue sweater dress thingie for $7. I love it! It’s so cozy and nothing like anything else I own. I like wearing it with belts so it doesn’t look like a tent 😉


In other news, I put my new R on a chain and made a necklace.

mynameisr1 Ahhhh I love this so much it’s kind of silly, haha. I think it’s because I found the R (well, actually Sara found it cause she was the one who started going through the box.. credit where credit is due) and I normally don’t like yellow but in this case I will make an exception.


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