Renooo on the rise

So, I’m sorry I fell off on posting again, but I was in Reno visiting my dearest over the weekend! Priorities. I have them.

Reno is actually a pretty enjoyable place, albeit a cold place now. Though the sun was shining. At least until about 4:30 pm. Also, overnight on Saturday, all the trees seemed to dump their leaves at once. Though it didn’t snow, the air had the smell of snow. Winterrr, you are upon us.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly by raiding Reno’s best secondhand stores, and as always I managed to find tons of great stuff even after going through only a tiny section of each store (time restraints not permitting to spend the whole day there).

outside1Junkee, quite possibly the best consignment/vintage clothing/accessories shop I’ve ever been in, is a must-visit and has sooo many treasures. I delight especially in pawing through the vintage dresses especially, and trying on heaps of them (to EJ’s exasperation, haha). I will post pics of my Junkee finds in an upcoming entry! I got three wonderful dresses, a cool scarf for $2, and a nice knitted vest for $5.

The proprietress of Junkee is Jessica Schneider, who seems to be fairly busy in the Reno scene. In addition to the store, she also hosts a style TV show (Reno Style) and recently started a style magazine (also called Reno Style), and apparently has several other local ventures. So props to you Jessica, for endeavoring to make Reno a more awesome place.

recrecrenoEqually high on the hitlist is Recycled Records (cool URL too btw), the best used records store I’ve yet seen in my record buying travels (admittedly not that extensive, but I do try haha). It’s not the place to stock up on cheap-cheap records (most of the ones I bought ran $6-8), but their selection is out of this world and really well organized. They actually have an entire section (very sizeable) just for New Wave. DROOL.

The Soul section is where I spent my entire time this round, or rather one ROW of the Soul section, which occupied me for quite some time and yielded up a ton of LPs I wanted to listen to (and did, thanks to the store’s record player!), and quite a few that I ultimately ended up buying.

I’m going to talk more about the records I got in my music blog later, especially once I get the ability to get the songs from the LPs into mp3 format. Exciiiiiting! For me at least. I loaded up on fantastic disco, that’s for sure, and some funk and a Bowie one.

And this, just for fun:


Three Canadian football players team up to make some.. west.. country.. rock.. oh god, I can’t bear to listen to this yet, but the cover and the entire concept is just hilarious. The back has a hilarious explanation, too. The opening:

“What happens when you mix a tight-end, an offensive tackle and a defensive end into a musical pot? You get the most amazing 770 lbs of delightful entertainment ever created.”

Tall claims, there. Oh Canada.

We also went to a great bookstore with ridic. cheap prices on mainly new books ($3 for hardcover, $2 for paperback, $1 for pocket paperbacks) and I went a little nuts buying classic sci-fi books and movie books and several sizeable and promising-looking novels.

Other good times were had, rock climbing and gambling a bit and such, musing about the bizarreness of casinos. Cooking of ratatouille and pumpkin pie, and drinking exciting beers whilst listening to great music in what seems to be the best Reno bar, the Lincoln Lounge. (sadly can’t find pic of it.. will try to get some next time I go).

Sooo.. yeah. Reno, you can be pretty awesome! Now I’m back in the Berkeley, getting ready to go outside for the meteor shower. Hoorah.



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