Vintage dressessss

So I took some pics of my new dresses (2 of them, anyway). They are sooo preeetty and I really hope I somehow find an occasion to wear them to. 😉

This is one I assume is from the 80s (I had to take out these ginormous shoulder pads, haha). I love the fabric, it’s super sparkly and looks neat with the draping/ruching.

dressz3(haha, modeling sesh in my cluttered room)

The back is pretty awesome too:


The other one is also really cool, but in a different way. It’s kind of a ‘neon peasant’ look if you will. 😉

dressz7Ahhh I love this! The colors and fabric are so great. I do think I’m going to cut it to a little above the knee, though. I think it will be really fun to pair accessories with this one ❤


After snapping these pics, I ended up going outside and reading, and changed into this (far less exciting):

readingoutfit But the shoes are pretty exciting.. patent periwinkle loafers, oh my. I also have been loving this pink/blue/white plaid shirt (thx Target).

I went outside armed with my turquoise blanket and this book, which I have just started reading. The cover is fuzzy, btw.

gone_away_world More on that later!

Oh yes, and I snapped a pic of my books purchased in Reno.. the Salman Rushdie one definitely looks like a *FuTuRe bOoK*



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