House of Diehl’s Style Wars – SF, 11/21

stylewars (Disregard the NY part above, haha – we went to the Mezzanine in SF. They travel around doing this all over the place.)

Sara told me about this and we decided to go, despite our total lack of knowledge of what exactly this event would entail. I took the opportunity to get a little bit dressed up and do some very edgy makeup.


fafi5 outfit1 First time I wore my new sweater dress (garage sale!), with silver American Apparel belt. Headband by Cutesaurus 😉

Well, the event certainly was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Basically, it’s a competition in which designers go head to head in 4.5 minute “battles”, creating entire couture outfits from scratch as they go, and then a panel of judges decides the victor.

It started out with the two hosts making a dress out of umbrellas, which looked awesome but uncomfortable.

umbrelladressJust found another really neat pic of it online..


Then the competitions began. I was dazzled from the start by the sheer fun and creativity of it. No rules, just 4.5 minutes to concoct.. whatever!

Some of them were definitely waaaay out there. All of them were interesting in their own way though, and it was really fun to watch them take shape. Now I just want to like, start cutting up things and doing terrifically stylish things with them all the time.

I think there were like.. 8 rounds? I didn’t record them all, and sadly my cam sucks for pics in these situations, but I got a few of the walkoffs so you can get an idea of the general weird and wild awesomeness of it all.

This one definitely has my favorite outfit of the night, which I immediately WANTED bad, so basically now I want to make this, haha. It’s the first one in the video, the pink bodysuit (made from a hot pink sleeveless ski suit w/ legs cut off) with some silver perforated material as a jacket/wide belt, with silver streamers attached as epaulettes. If/when I ever make a music video, I know what I’ll be wearing. 😀

However the paper dress actually won that round, to my surprise. By this point I hadn’t yet figured out the judges, who turned out to be ridiculously LAME in my opinion. They all seemed totally unenthusiastic, disdainful, and acted like they didn’t even want to be there! Like they thought it was all kind of ridiculous and dumb. Every time, without fail, they ALL chose the more conservative outfit. Anytime a designer added something really out there and strange to the look, it basically meant there was no way it would win.

Two great examples to follow. Though the weird ones are definitely WEIRD, and the winning ones were pretty darn cool.

The theme for this round was ‘Bling Dynasty’.. I thought both outfits ended up pretty cool, but the violin mask thing was pretty weird, so the judges picked the blue one (which admittedly I did like better too, haha).

This round didn’t have a theme, but I think it produced one of the craziest outfits. The dress with paper lanterns won of course, but that one is an amazing idea really well-executed, while the other one was kinda cool.. but kinda nuts. The team made a sort of  ‘dark fairy’ look using copper tubing for the wings. It seemed to be going well until they made the bold move of putting this silver metallic purse on the model’s head as a sort of helmet-hat. Kiss of death from the judges!

I wish I had better pictures of all the outfits, because it really was impressive. Oh well!


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