Power Outage, and Adventures in Grass Valley

Long catch up post!


I’m back after a several day hiatus, not all of which was voluntary – our power, along with most of my town’s, was out all day and night on Friday. I worked that day at the winery, which was one of the only places still lit, thanks to our solar panels and generators, so most of the day it wasn’t an issue.

However, the rest of the evening was spent in mainly blackness.. Actually turned out to be pretty fun 😉 Played cards with the folks by candlelight, and started reading Love and Rockets by the fire with my kitty. One could get used to life without power, I think.

But obviously I don’t care to do it all the time, or else I wouldn’t be writing this right now. O:)

planeOn Sunday, we took a little airplane adventure (my dad flies and co-owns a plane with one of his best friends) since it was such a beeeeyootiful day. We flew from Santa Rosa to Grass Valley, enjoying all the splendor of the land, able to see for miles and miles unimpeded in all directions. (This in itself could probably be a whole entry.. things look so different from up there!)

When we got to the Grass Valley area (it’s south of and right in between Reno and Chico), I was first of all surprised by the fact that.. there is absolutely NO GRASS visible from the air. Every square foot of everything the eye can see is completely stuffed with Redwoods. REDWOODS. Huge tall pointy green trees that in no way resemble grass.

One can only conclude they mean a different kind of grass, am i rite

hippiesAnyway, we decided to head into the smaller, more touristy-appeal nearby town of Nevada City, which was quite quaint (now that’s fun to say) in a good way, full of very friendly folks (indeed some hippies) and many young-looking hip types (being v. close to ski/board areas doesn’t hurt in this area).

It actually reminded me a lot of Calistoga (my town). There were a lot of fun little restaurants and shops. We tried on hats in a hat store, and a horse-drawn carriage went by in the street. (Note: Calistoga does not have that, haha. I just mean in overall feel of the place)

nevadacityWe continued on our way, seeing many a dog and hearing a variety of rather pleasant sounds emanating from local minstrels on the street and in the cafes. 

While chatting with locals, we found out about a fairly big holiday event the town does called Victorian Christmas, which apparently takes place without any lights, but tons of candles and lanterns, and people dress up and whatnot. Sounds intriguing [if you’re into that kind of thing (which I think I am)].

I guess there is also a famous old gold mine near there that is the main tourist draw? We had a very enjoyable short visit in town, and we definitely want to go back for a weekend to check out more.

Wandering further up the sidewalk, we were drawn in by a white Christmas tree covered in…

barbietree2BARBIES. Sooo many Barbies! The store was a novelty/gift/crazystuff store which had many treasures within. One of the best parts were all these old Barbies (not THAT old.. most from the 80s) still in their boxes, for sale for non-outrageous prices.

Now, I’m NOT a Barbie fanatic in either direction (loving or hating). Yes, I know “she” represents an unhealthy standard of femininity. But… some of these are just plain fun.

For example, I knew as soon as I saw this one that I NEEDED her.

astrobarbie BEST EVER. hahaha. My mom actually bought it for me for Xmas, and as such she took it away and hid it from me until then!! I was like ‘moo-OOM!!” The entire thing made me feel about 5 years old again.

The other best one that I was also reeeally tempted by was this little beauty:

mcbarbie Yes, it is, in fact, MC Hammer (Barbie’s new best friend?)

In addition to Astronaut Barbie, I got a really cool Devo wallet. Treasures indeed 😉

So if you ever have the chance, I do indeed recommend a visit to Nevada City, CA.. even a little while there can be very enjoyably spent.


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