Movie: Interstella 5555

If you’re like me and didn’t “get” Daft Punk for whatever reason when they first hit (my reason: I was in like, 8th grade and thought I hated “techno”, haha) you may have missed the anime accompaniment to their modern-classic album Discovery, Interstella 5555.


If this is in fact the case, and if you, like me, have since come to worship at the altar of Daft Punk (as well you should), then you owe it to yourself to spend a very enjoyable hour in a realm of eyeball and earhole pleasure that is Interstella 5555.


[I suppose this could have been posted on RemixMusix, seeing as how it’s more music-related than movie-related… but it’s more the hyper-futuristic and brightly colored visuals of the film I wanted to talk about here, because I feel the music on Discovery basically needs no explanation at this point. 😉 ]


The soundtrack is the album played straight through (no dialogue or sound effects, barring a few select diegetic sound effects, car crashes, explosions, etc), and each song has a different segment of stylized anime (supervised by Leiji Matsumoto – who apparently did another thing called ‘Sexaroid’?? what!) to go along with it, kind of like music videos, but it does form a cohesive overall narrative with characters we follow throughout.

Cresend5555The main characters are an immensely popular band called the Crescendolls, who rock out a lot and are hot and awesome, except for the token cartoony comic-relief drummer who looks nothing like the other members. I also just discovered (ha) that their names are (from L to R, Octave, Baryl (?), Arpegius (!), and Stella). Sooo cool!

Daft Punk themselves make a cartoon cameo appearance in an awards-show segment (set to “High Life”), but of course the Crescendolls win 😉

interdudeHaha, EJ and I want to dress up as Arpegius and Stella for Halloween (when they’re blue, before they get turned into more normal looking people when they are abducted and taken to Earth) buuuuut there’s always the problem of no one knowing what we’re supposed to be…

Now that I’m reading about it on Wikipedia, I highly recommend doing that afterwards, because the plot is actually a very detailed story with a cool concept. I myself got kind of lost in just enjoying the visual and audio aspects of it, but I think it would stand up to repeat watchings because there actually is quite a bit going on.


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  1. adrian Says:

    I have thier album and i think their awsome

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