Stripe on stripe action ;)

The other day I wanted to wear my b&w striped off shoulder shirt (purchased at Junkee in Reno, BEST STORE EVER??) and wanted a scarf to wear too.

As I was looking through my scarves (of which I have.. many…) it became more and more apparent that I really don’t have any *plain* scarves! They’re all patterned or more visually exciting and I use them to spice up outfits with plainer shirts, so it doesn’t get out of control.

However this is causing problems when I want to wear a patterned shirt.. (I decided to get or make some plainer scarves soon).

I started riffling through my bag of miscellaneous clothing, fabric, and scraps that I intend to make into other things, in hopes of finding a plain black t-shirt to cut up and make an instant jersey kerchief scarf (a square of fabric that you fold into a triangle – I like to wear the point in the front)

But before I could find a t-shirt to use, I happened upon this black and rainbow striped sweater I’ve been meaning to give a new life… the stripes were about the same width as those on my shirt, and I was struck with an idea…

Basically, to hell with a plain scarf, I said.

stripe3First I just tied the sweater arms around my neck and just played with the overall shape of it.. I think it came out looking pretty awesome and really unique! and I didn’t have to cut anything, so the sweater is still usable. 🙂

I love the interplay of the two! The pattern is so close that the color difference just looks really fun and creative, not overpowering. Sooo much better than doing a plain black one.

I later decided to do a more normal look where I tied the sweater around my shoulders (the yachting look) with the arms hanging down in front like the ends of a scarf. That also looked really cute (a little more ‘normal’) and also kept me REALLY warm.

stripe2Hooray for brightly colored warmth ^_^


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4 Responses to “Stripe on stripe action ;)”

  1. Sher Says:

    That looks super cute. I would have never paired the two but this definitely inspires me to do so sometime! 🙂

    • cutesaurus Says:

      Thanks! 😀 The thought had never occurred to me before either, but it was like, WHY NOT?? Instead of clashing like one might expect with two patterns, it ended up looking stylish (and cute) ❤

  2. Sunny Says:

    Found you on Doe Deere’s site, haha you replied to my comment about old people and cilantro! Anyways, I think your site is ADORABLE and awesome, and I loved your glitter lip tutorial!
    Loving the stripes too!!

    • cutesaurus Says:

      Thanks!! 😀 I love getting new readers, it inspires me to post more – I just started blogging pretty recently and have been enjoying it so much. It’s fun to hear other people like it too 🙂 🙂

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