This N That


Well, once again I had a busy and fun-filled weekend that didn’t permit much time for blogging. The busy-ness (first had ‘business’.. doesn’t quite read the way I wanted, haha) has continued into this week, thanks to me lighting a fire under my own ass to get into the music studio for long blocks this week to try and figure stuff out FREALS.

This has led to some dejection and frustration (coupled with ladycramps getting me down), and not having time to go to the gym for two days in a row, I realized, was contributing to my bad mood. I’m hooked on endorphins, apparently! Which is a good thing to be, except when you can’t get your fixx. 😉

The best part of my last two days (both of which had me feeling pretty low, which I hate since I usually feel like a sunny ball of energy, haha) was hanging out with the girlz, having nice chats and delicious squash/yam soup for dinner. That cheered me up in a big way.

Tomorrow I’m not going to the studio, and I intend to have a mainly computer-free day (minus a few real blog posts I’ve been meaning to get up – Xmas movie series starting tonight!) making crafts and getting some exercise. Staring at a screen all day really does things to you, I’ve found.

So, what I’m getting at is, GO OUTSIDE! Get some fresh air. Make something with your hands that does not involve typing or mousing. Oh, the irony of me saying this on my blog. 😀


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