XMAS Movie Favorites: Volume 1

Well, it’s that [most wonderful] time of the year again, and I thought I’d start a series discussing my favorite Christmas movies. There are a lot out there, to be sure, but some definitely stand above the pack.

I’m going to start with two that are almost unanimously agreed-upon as the best Christmas movies. If you have not seen these, then WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU just kidding. What I mean is, go out and get them and watch them IMMEDIATELY. Then you can thank me afterward. –<|;)  [that’s supposed to be a santa-hatted smiley]

It’s a Wonderful Life – Frank Capra, 1946


Possibly the most classic Christmas movie of all, this one is truly a gem and never seems to age. It’s heart-warming and life-affirming without being cheesy or trite. It has great humor balanced with truly serious themes, the always-wonderful Jimmy Stewart in one of the crowning performances of his long career , a loveable guardian angel named Clarence, a villainous old miser, and tons of love and good cheer all around.

Even if you’re one of those people who says they dislike ‘old’ movies (shame on you, but that’s beside the point), you owe it to yourself to watch this. Every Christmas movie (well.. almost. ahem, Bad Santa, Fred Claus, looking at you) claims to be about the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas, but this is the one that does the best job of conveying that message of love and life, family and friendship – the real reasons for giving in any form.

It’s a wonderful movie.

A Christmas Story – Bob Clark, 1983

christmas story bunny costume

The ultimate Christmas comedy, rife with innumerable moments that have now become embedded in our cultural consciousness. The story focuses on young Ralphie (narrated by his older self as a reminiscence of his family’s Christmas one year) and his grumpy father, well-meaning and tender mother, and hilariously annoying little brother Randy, and their various yuletide activities as viewed with kid-like exuberance (and, at times, disappointment).

The specifics of these characters and their story are what really make this movie a treasure. From the father’s all-out war with the hillbilly neighbors (the Bumpasses) to the terrifying mall Santa, the infamous flagpole-licking and pink bunny suit, this movie is an absolute pleasure from end to end.

So there you have it. What about you, Cute Readers? Christmas favorites? I’ll be back soon with the next installment. 🙂


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2 Responses to “XMAS Movie Favorites: Volume 1”

  1. DJ EJ Says:

    Oh man, favorite xmas book = The Hogfather. You should definitely check that one out, its hilarious, heartwarming, AND badass.

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