Christmas makeup – BOLD ;)

For the Reno Santa Crawl, I wanted to do some really wild red and green makeup, bold eyes, bold lips, glitter everywhere.. and it was the first time I used my red tinsel MAC lashes!

I’ve had these for a looong time but never done more than just gaze at them and try to picture what I would wear them to. I got so many compliments on them and this look! It was the perfect occasion for these 🙂

xmas4 (Sry the lighting kinda sucks… the green and red were WAY brighter irl)



On the eyes I did Landscape Green chromaline as a base with Kelly Green, Emerald Green, and Forest Green pigments (all MAC) with the “Sunsonic” lashes. Lips were Ruby Woo.. I would have done glitter lips but I don’t have any red glitter!! I also put a lot of Reflects Gold glitter on my cheeks which didn’t show as much in these pics, alas.


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2 Responses to “Christmas makeup – BOLD ;)”

  1. limespark Says:

    Freakin’ gorgeous.

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