The Reno Santa Crawl

Hello all! This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the annual Reno Santa Pub Crawl, one of the largest pub crawls in the country. As in.. about 4000 drinking Santas (and other holiday-festooned folk) roaming every bar in Reno. 😀


We made it to 5 or 6 bars total, which doesn’t sound like that many I guess, haha. But we had a great time, and I have to say the whole event is pretty damn awesome. Almost everyone was totally decked (ha) out and there was definitely a lot of revelry.


Drunken zombie santas at the bar?


Radioactive snowflakes!!

Renoans, Renoites, Renites? Whatever you are, you guys know how to have a good time. Except the police, apparently.


Santa was of course the most popular costume, but there also a lot of really creative outfits or spins on old favorites. “Pimp Santa” was definitely a popular one, haha. Saw some snowmen/women, and reindeer, kilted Santa, presents, gingerbread people, 70s santa with white afro, snowflakes, trees, ornaments, polar bears, tree lights, one guy dressed in the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story, and many, many more.

People were making some very creative use of basically every kind of Christmas decoration, haha.



At midnight there was the big gathering in the center of Reno, and holy shit, SNOWBALL FIGHT MUCH?? They were flying fast and furious from every direction, and several of us got hit in the head and face.

People were chucking them so hard they actually knocked out some of the lights on both sides of the big RENO arch, so it instead said ‘Rero’. (I was actually taking videos during this time which I will upload and do in a separate post, haha..)



War of the Santa photos on the club escalator!!

renoo7 Me with a very stylish tape-suited Santa.

I wore a red dress altered from a full-length prom dress I got at Ross a long time ago. I cut it off to about mid-calf length when I first got it, and haven’t really worn it since then… when I finally tried it on after deciding to wear it to this, I realized I’ve apparently lost a little weight? Because it no longer fit very well, haha.

With basically no time left to get a different outfit, I decided to take a stapler to it >:D Sadly I didn’t have time to get a really good one of my full outfit, but there is this little number (in front of a casino fountain, haha).

renoo1 It actually turned out really well! I stapled all the ruching on the sides so it was shorter and also had more shape. ❤ Wore it with a Santa hat, sparkly green string belt, black tights, shiny black boots, and *wild* makeup – see next post for details on that 😉

EJ is sporting his stylin $15 santa duds that I’d estimate at least 20% of the event attendees were sporting, haha. [The brotherhood of Walgreens! Also I find it pretty amazing you can get a Santa suit for $15] However he seems to have decided the beard looks better as a furry necklace.

Our other compadre Max dressed as what I like to call ‘Yacht Captain Santa”, with red pants, white captain’s coat with gold star, and cotton moustache affixed by yours truly. Here he is with another mustachioed gent we encountered.


Haha, he is wearing my hat, but in this pic it kind of looks like hair.. Mark Twain Santa…

So yeah, I definitely hope to make this a yearly tradition. Ho ho, ho!


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