Back in the Knitting Saddle


My mom taught me how to knit about 5 years ago, and since then I’ve made tons of fun, awesome, and one of a kind items for myself and as gifts. My mom, sister, and I always have fun planning projects, helping each other along the way, and admiring them when they’re done!

I’ve made too many scarves to count, probably 6-8 hats (including a bear hat), two sets of wristlets/armwarmers, a cute vest, two lovely capelets (never considered I might want a capelet until I found some gorgeous patterns!), a doormat (not quite done with this one, haha..), belts, bracelets, and more.

As time has gone by, I’ve attempted more complicated patterns, which can sometimes be *the* most frustrating things ever, as I’ve discovered. But it feels good when you finally figure it out.


Luckily, my sister is basically a knitting genius and is *really* good at deciphering even crazy patterns and figuring out weird techniques, and she has the patience I seem to lack when it comes to dealing with the inevitable problems and confusion that more complicated knitting can bring. She’s made at least 6 amazing sweaters, some of which have caused her major grief along the way (like, having to rip out most of her work and start over.. ahh!) but they turned out great in the end.

Anyway, after building up my confidence with scarves and hats and other projects that gradually increased in difficulty, I decided it was time for me to try my first sweater. I picked out a pattern from the fabulous Vogue Knitting, admittedly not a super easy one, bought my yarn, and began.

grumpy knitted woman

Well, long story short, I probably should have picked something easier for my first try, haha. It was a LOT of knitting on small needles, and I misread the pattern a few times/did things wrong so I had to rip out and redo a few times, sometimes major chunks >:O

Sometimes the frustration would get to be too much and I would put the thing aside in disgust for some span of time, sometimes quite awhile. It was keeping me from making other projects in the meantime because I felt I had to finish the sweater before starting anything else (now I know this is the wrong attitude).


Finally, when I was really nearing the end, I got so frustrated trying to put the pieces together that I abandoned the sweater again, this time for a REALLY long time.

And that’s how the sweater took me [seriously] three years to complete! Given, I did not work on it steadily most of the time because I usually was about ready to chuck it out the window. Recently there has basically been a halt on all knitting in my life, in large part to the sweater discouragement.


But, two nights ago, I decided it was time to END IT. And so I did. And now it’s basically done, which is very exciting to me. Of course, it’s too big for me (another thing that made me angry/discouraged after all the work) but I think it can be taken in and then will fit a little better.

So that’s my story about me and my sweater, haha. Now I feel all excited about knitting again and want to go on a knitting spree and make tons of awesome stuff! I may even try another sweater again sometime, when I work up the courage (and possibly pick an easy-ish pattern).

I already started (and am about halfway done) with a really cute trapper hat (with flaps n stuff). I will post pics of my sweater when it’s done-done, and try to take pics of more of my completed goods to share on here soon.


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2 Responses to “Back in the Knitting Saddle”

  1. earthling Says:

    I can’t knit because it takes to long but I absolutely LOVE the frog. Very cool!
    Old granny is just wondering why anyone wants to take a picture of an old woman knitting. (I know this from personal experience…hee hee)

    • cutesaurus Says:

      I didn’t make any of the stuff in this post, sadly. I probably should have that as a disclaimer, haha. But the frog is awesome!

      One great thing about knitting is that you can do it while doing certain other everyday activities, like watching movies/TV or riding in the car. There are also a lot of projects that go really quickly and are thus really satisfying, even if you don’t have much time to commit 🙂

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