Christmas Cookies…


Made these today 🙂 They’re a lot brighter IRL! I don’t even really want to eat them, because they’re so cute. Urge to shellac them and use them as decorations.. so hard to resist…

In other news, I didn’t manage to snag a pic of this, but yesterday there were five [FIVE!] woodpeckers bashing their brains out on our telephone pole, which is way more than I’ve ever seen at once. Usually it’s just one, recently I saw two and was like oh, wow! And now this. I’m becoming a little concerned about the structural integrity of our phone pole, however…

Off to SF tomorrow for a fun-filled day with my sister and our respective lads. Dim sum will be eaten, Avatar IMAX will be seen, ice will possibly be skated upon in Union Square! More on this after the fact.


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One Response to “Christmas Cookies…”

  1. limespark Says:

    We have one of the BIG woodpeckers who hangs out around our house, it’s always a treat to see him… I’m so reluctant to see Avatar! I know it will either be freaking amazing or make me want to shoot the movie screen lol…

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