HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Goodbye, 2009

IT’S 2010.


Whoah. As others have noted, that year sure went by quickly. (ol’ 2009, RIP – we hardly knew ye).

I haven’t had time to prepare my 2009 retrospectives yet, but rest assured that it is of utmost priority! 😉 I have been busy with assorted festivities over the last few days so I have not had the chance for poor old bloggy here.

However, here are some of my resolutions.. I feel I am probably getting somewhat overambitious, but I think it’s good to aim high? haha.


Become [substantially more] independent – aka get a job/$$ – aka ‘skills to pay the bills’.

Become *helllllof* amazing at electronic music – YOU DONT EVEN KNOW

Finish (or at least make major significant progress on) my two current larger writing projects, a novel and a non-fiction work. I spent much of 2009 on these, but didn’t get as far as I’d hoped.. I kind of lagged toward the end of the year, too :\ Must forge ahead now!! I am very excited about both of them so I think I need to make them utmost priorities.

Also, blog more often/regularly. See the aforementioned utmost priority, haha.

Learn to play the bass. Cause that’s gonna be awesome. [I got a bass and amp for Christmas! More on this later.]

I guess those are my main ones, and should keep me pretty busy O:) I think I have a few more and will probably make more if I think of good ones… not sure what to do for a physical goal, however. Last year I decided to be able to do a pullup and also the splits, and I actually accomplished both! That was pretty kewl. 😀 I really want to take some kind of dance class, but not sure if I will have time.

2010 – let’s see what you shall bring, eh?


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