Holiday Adventures, Part Two: New Year’s

skifence Awesome ski fence in SV, Idaho.

After Christmas we left for Sun Valley, Idaho, where we go every year for snow-related fun and visiting of family friends.

The plane ride was really pretty at the end.




This year’s visit was very brief due to my grandma’s 80th birthday party being on New Year’s Eve, so we only went for a few days.

Still fun though! Snowboarded a few days, played some Wii, read The Road (entry on that soon), knitted, watched The Caine Mutiny like, three times because people kept falling asleep, attended dinner functions with much food and fun, etc etc. Good times.


I was struck more than ever by how beautiful it is there. It was really cold but so clear every day. Sooo many lovely snowy mountains all around.


sv1 sv7

Then we came back, and it was New Year’s Eve! My grandma’s party was themed as an “Art Party”, where guests were urged to come as famous artists or in art-related costumes. (My grandma is an artist. We call her Lala.) My fam dressed in.. these paper suits my dad painted to look like a Jackson Pollock, and then on the back it said “Happy Birthday Lala”. Haha, my parents also made us all wear different color berets, and I think we looked majorly dorky, especially since we had to walk around in SF and ride the bus all together wearing them… but I think Lala enjoyed it. I’ll post pictures of them in an upcoming entry, haha.

Other attendees had some pretty good costumes. My uncle was Dali:


Then there was the 6’5 Julia Child.


After the party, a little before midnight, we set out from there (after changing outfits, of course… haha) to begin midnight festivities. I had wanted to go to Glass Candy or some other dancing/drinking venue, but became enraged at the costs of most parties in the city, so we decided to do that if we didn’t have better options. We ended up hanging out at a friend’s house drinking and talking REALLY LOUDLY and having a grand old time, walking up to the top of Buena Vista park, where one would think you could see the fireworks really well, but sadly they were completely obscured by trees. It was almost kind of ridiculous, because we could hear them really well, but didn’t see A THING. Oh well.

Also, in further cute kitty curling-up news (see last entry), the other kitty Dory decided she’d like to curl up in a desk drawer.


Ok, kitty. Whatever you want!

And that pretty much sums it up for my major holidays over the last few weeks! Overall pretty enjoyable. Now onward into 2010.


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