Grand Graphic Novels, Introductory


I’ve been wanting to start a series in which I discuss *awesome* graphic novels for awhile, and this is me DOING IT! They have played a major part in my life (well.. in my mind’s life) over the last year (or two, kind of) and I have been reading a pittance of regular novels for the most part as a result :X I can’t stop with the comic books now!

I was first going to call this series ‘Great Graphic Novels’, but then decided ‘Grand’ might be a bit more apt. The first four dictionary definitions: 1. Outstanding, 2. Impressive (ambitious, far-reaching), 3. Worthy of respect, 4. Wonderful (enjoyable, memorable). That sums it up pretty well!

I never really was into comics as a kid… It just wasn’t something that I saw that much of, and what I saw didn’t necessarily pique my interest. I would read the strips in the paper sometimes, which usually weren’t very funny, but I liked some, like Calvin and Hobbes, and the Far Side.

I did get pretty into webcomics as a teen and into my young-young 20s (I am still in my early 20s. The ancient past… haha). There are too many awesome webcomics to even name, but sadly I haven’t really made time to read a lot of them regularly in quite some time. Two that I have kept up on that I especially love: Dino Comics and The Perry Bible Fellowship.

But little did I know what an exciting, vast, and amazing world existed just beyond my awareness. Until fairly recently (1.5-2 yrs ago), when I was completely thunderstruck by several works of Alan Moore’s, and I subsequently tumbled headlong into a very rich body of work from many artists and writers whom I would not hesitate to term geniuses. (genii?) Much more of which I have yet to plumb!! It seems like the supply of amazing work to read only ever gets longer and longer.

I will wait until next time to start discussing an actual series/work, in the interest of not having this be inordinately long. But I am excited to write about this topic! Though comics/graphic novels have gotten to be somewhat more popular/mainstream, with acclaim and recognition n stuff, I think they are still underappreciated overall and that they  could be appreciated by many more people who have not yet discovered how GREAT they are!!

Yes, I will shout my love loud and proud. Totally nerding out. Remind you of anyone??


😉 hahaha. Stay tuned for more on graphic novels that will rock your little world.


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