Bullets Over Broadway (Woody Allen, 1994)

Ahh, I’m sorry I’ve been lagging on the posting front lately… I always have things I want to blog about, but I’ve been really busy working n stuff this week. Anyway, if it was up to me, one thing I would probably spend a lot of time doing: lounging around watching every single other Woody Allen film I’ve not yet seen… I’ve seen about 12 of them, which means there’s only like.. 30 left to go!

I’ve really liked or even loved most of the ones I’ve seen (a few exceptions: Small Time Crooks, Curse of the Jade Scorpion [both from the time around 2000 when Woody seemed to be in a slump], Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex…) and recently had the pleasure of viewing the spectacular Bullets Over Broadway, which brought on this renewed urge to make my way through more of his ouvre.


Lush, vivid, mostly-fun-yet-also-weighty, Bullets Over Broadway blends Broadway theater with the mobster genre, bringing them together in a Jazz-age delight with interesting and complex ideas about art, artists, and morality. Not to mention a knockout cast, in particular Dianne Wiest in an electrifying (and Oscar-winning) performance as a highly dramatic, frequently insightful, and somewhat inebriated actress.

The film got a slew of other nominations and awards, rightly deserved I feel! The script crackles with energy and the cast really delivers – this one is a great example of Woody’s capability and artistry as a writer and director.


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