Lash La Rue


Well, in total randomness, I just had to post some of this stuff from the Wiki article on Lash La Rue.

The reason I was looking up Lash La Rue is because I was looking for an old band called La Rue I’d just barely heard of (there’s also apparently a 90s Christian sibling duo of the same name), and I was interested because of the currently awesome La Roux. Suffice to say, there are a lot of famous La Rue/Rouxs running around.

Anyway, Lash La Rue. He was a popular western motion picture (and comics) star of the 1940’s and 1950’s noted for his exceptional skill with his Bull Whip trademark (and, incidentally, his bull whip.) In 1983, he was one of the first winners of the Golden Boot Award. He also had an imitator called Whip Wilson!


Another interesting tidbit: A role as the villain in a pornographic western, Hard on the Trail, led him to repentance as a missionary for ten years, as he had not been informed of the adult nature of the film and would not have consented to appear in the film. (He did not actually appear in any of the pornographic scenes.)

La Rue was also noted for instructing Harrison Ford in how to use the bullwhip for the Indiana Jones movies.

WHERE IS THE BIOPIC, PEOPLE?? This is way too good.

In other news the top result on google tells a more sordid tale:

“When his career began to wane, the handsome cowboy, once known as the screen’s "King of the Bullwhip," often found himself arrested for drunkenness, vagrancy, misdemeanors, small crimes, and drugs. While destitute, he chose a lead role in a pornographic film, Hard On The Trail, and, after being married twelve times, found God and became a preacher on the rodeo and country music circuit.”

I again say… where is the biopic 😉 haha.

“In his last years, La Rue continued to drive around Hollywood in his 1968 black Cadillac hearse with a bumper sticker that read "God Loves You".”

Wow, Lash. Just… wow.


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