City Life


(Photo taken on top of my roof! woo)

Yesterday I came upon a promising pile next to a dumpster from which RoboCop’s steely visage gazed at me from a VHS tape box and I was lured in, like a moth to the flame (as many could tell you, RoboCop is basically catnip to Cutesaurus.) There were many more VHS, but none I felt I had to have in the end. (It turns out it was RoboCop 2, which I already own on VHS. Nerdout)

There was a box of books, however, which became increasingly exciting to me as I delved. The best thing was Martin Amis’ sizeable collection of essays, which I don’t already have and have been wanting!! ZOMG. Trash pile, you love me. I snagged a number of others including some Michael Palin travel books, a George Saunders novelette, and a few others.

Some of the books were a little bit wet, and I was at first perturbed by this news. It did rain a little this morning. I also gave a sniff and it seemed to be okay… and let’s be honest here. I probably would have taken the books anyway. Martin Amis!!

As I was pawing through them, a middle aged Middle Eastern woman (or, a MAME, if you will) was passing by and stopped to look at what I was doing, and peer at the goods. We exchanged words about the stuff, and I told her it was slightly wet, and she was like “Maybe somebody pee.” I was like OK. THANKS A LOT.

Anyway, needless to say I was *stoked*.


(“So True” Cjaelzuriel’s Salon (?!?), Mr. Bling Bling, Esquire Salon… fine establishments all)

Hills aside, The City. It’s awesome. I have been walking until my feet and legs grow sore, exploring the neighborhood n stuff. I am already seeing two shows at the Fillmore soon, which is several blocks from my house. (Trivia: my first concert was at the Fillmore! Aww. It was Blondie and it was awesome.)


(Not my house. I wish my house was cute like this. There are many other cutehomes in SF, as I’ve discovered repeatedly. Will try to document further instances.)

There have also been exciting sightings (that’s fun to say) of colorful folk. Last night I saw an azn dude dressed as Cloud Strife?? with the giant sword thing. Wish I had gotten a pic! Also I saw this awesome bike yesterday (though this was actually in Berkeley…)


Also the neighbor’s cat and I have been exchanging gazes (I think it’d be fair to call them longing gazes) through the window across the narrow space between our buildings.


(S)he stares at me very intently sometimes. Also in the last 24 hours (s)he was joined by a chihuahua (sadly did not document this photographically).


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