City Life Continued

Walking to the park, out of nowhere I came across this special message carved in the concrete:


That’s my name! HELLO!

So that was pretty exciting. I also got some more pictures of *adorable* San Francisco homes.



Once and awhile you come across a store that makes you realize: I could really use an ornamental bird right about now.



I want to copy this birdcage yarn/felt art. So cute.


I continued on my way and got a disco sweater.


If anyone is wondering when I will wear such an item, I’ll have you know that I am considering wearing it to the Roller Disco on Thursday

And then of course I ended up spending a bunch on records!! AHH THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. But I did get this awesomeness from the bargain bin.


I think the one in the belly shirt wins this Showdown… thoughts?


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