The Snow Report

EJ and I hit the slopes last Monday, and the flats (kindof) on Tuesday – my first time cross-country skiing. :X

Monday at Sugarbowl was one of my best days ever. Perfect weather, perfect snow, almost every run entirely to ourselves… diiiivine. The kind of day that reminds you that snowboarding is one of the coolest fucking things ever??

Bonus: Me vs. nature.


Tuesday was overall a fun nature day too, but I definitely had the grace of a clubfooted penguin on my cross-country skiis. It was enjoyable anyway, though my limbs were usually going in crazy directions, haha.

Also I wore EJ’s dad’s old boots from like, the 70s. (Because I have big feets and couldn’t wear his mom’s or sis’)


Comfyyyy. No. 😉 But they were better once I was actually going. I liked it the most when we were out off of the groomed ski resort areas skiing across the fresh, untouched snow on the lovely sunny hillside. Gliiiiding along with the greatest of ease!


Ski-posin! That’s me.

We barely saw anyone out and about where we went, which was also cool. Nature’s splendor! Snowballs were thrown, hills were hiked up and attempted (unsuccessfully) to be sledded down, and we sat upon an empty, stationary chairlift to rest.


If you look reeeeeally hard, you might be able to see a tiny figure in the distance in this picture:


So yes. Snow times = good times!


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