Parking myself…

One thing I especially love about all of the parks here is how they protrude from the hills so you can see over much of the rest of the city, including over to the other parks. They look like big green lumps coming out of the buildings.


Alta Plaza. Giant grassy steps into the hillside. Pictures do not do the view justice; you have more than a 180-degree panoramic view of the city from pretty high above.


Up and over the other side of the park, you can actually see out into the bay. So pretty! It’s like a little window into a peaceful ocean world.


From a certain angle, you can see Alcatraz really well.


Alamo Square is not as high up, but still has nice views. It is also filled with many cavorting dogs.


This particular hill is a stop on some tour-bus routes (Full House!) so every 15 minutes or so tourists swarm over the hill to take pics. Also it’s usually insanely windy, so don’t be deceived by its serene looks.

San Fran has a lot of very picturesque things.


Haha, the owner of that Beetle will probably think I’m stalking them, because today I passed by and once again that damn car was just looking super cool in the driveway.


I also took this random picture, because I liked all the shapes and textures going on. Also, you can’t really see, but Obama is on that milk carton on the left.


Then there are the parks that are bigger and more exciting, but take more effort in voyaging to them (also fun, when I have time). Dolores Park, on weekends is so crowded it’s pretty much an event unto itself.


It’s a lot like going to a music festival, with slightly less music. Only slightly! Because many people have instruments and sometimes do impromptu performances. And people do and wear odd and interesting things, and roving dogs come up to sniff and greet you. And sometimes passing merchants will offer wares to you. And now it’s sunny, and it’s positively grand!


Plus, the SF institution Bi Rite ice cream is adjacent…worth the line! Coffee Toffee … now that’s a flavor I can get [my mouth] behind.

Buena Vista. Tis in the Haight and is extremely big/steep, and has much foliage. The top is a fairly small enclosed circle of trees with some grass and limited views through the trees, but quite a few people were up there picnicking or laying about (both of which I proceeded to do).

(In fact, I have hiked up to the top once before, on New Year’s Eve of this year, intending to see the fireworks… buuuut because of the dense trees, we actually could not see ANYTHING, could only hear the booms and pops and speculate as to the starry wonders beyond our vision. Alas!)


I took this picture during the hike up, not from the top. It seems I still  managed to find the ‘Buena Vista’, tee hee.

So that’s all the park news for now. Hooray for parks. Is what I’m saying.

Edit: Golden Gate park deserves a post (or several) unto itself. McLaren park is another very interesting one (featuring the Jerry Garcia amphitheater! Seriously!) So mayhaps more on which, AALD.


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2 Responses to “Parking myself…”

  1. Holly Says:

    Nice pictures! San Francisco looks so fun.

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