Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol


Sometimes when reading comix I find the art so inspiring I need to snap a phone pic to remember it, especially if I borrowed the book from the library or a friend. Such has been especially the case with Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol series, which has some of the most wacked-out, colorful, and inventive art – the characters and storylines are equally insane.


One of the coolest pages ever. Reminds me of Promethea –> always a good thing. 😉

(Where applicable plz to forgive crappy phone quality. Just wanted to talk about how awesome this series is, so you should really check it out for yourself. These panels are from Vol 2: The Painting That Ate Paris and Vol. 3: Down Paradise Way. I’ve only read the first 3 of 6 in his run on the series, have not read any other incarnations of it so I cannot compare it to them…)


The antagonist team in Volume 2 is the Brotherhood of Dada. Clearly not your typical villains. They include The Quiz, who has every superpower you’ve never thought of, and Sleepwalk, pictured below:


She can only use her powers when asleep, so she takes sleeping pills and listens to Barry Manilow before battle. In other news, I totally want to copy that makeup idea.


One of the most unusual series I’ve read in pretty much every way. Shares a few things with the superhero genre, but spins off from it in a loopy, mutated way that is usually more dark. These would-be “heroes”, though fighting for the cause of good, feel like freaks and rejects themselves, and their “powers” often cause them considerable pain or trauma.

However, despite that serious overarching theme, there is a lot of humor, most of it bizarre. I absolutely love how flat-out WEIRD this series is.


Haha. I love that so much.

One thing I have to just come out and say though, I’m not a fan of the original covers of the single-issue comics, which are included in the trade paperbacks. I feel they don’t mesh with the series itself, which is wacky and colorful… the covers are very harsh and realistic, drab color schemes, and totally different in tone and style… some of them are kind of gross! It makes me sad. Cause when I come across old single issues, my first instinct is to cringe, and then I’m like, “Oh! Doom Patrol, though.”

Anyway! Give it a look if you’re so inclined, try your library catalog or from Amazon.


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    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉

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