I didn’t end up watching the Oscars, but was very pleased to hear that The Artist did so well, including the Best Picture win. 😀 The first time since 1929 a silent film has won. So cool.


I always enjoy checking out what everyone wore, too. Where the Grammys fashion is usually about flash and fun, trend and trash, the Oscars are just straight up the Glammest of the Glam. I’m not going to do a full outfit roundup, but here’s a few of my faves.


Michelle Williams looks simply adorable in a gorgeous Vuitton gown. I just love every detail of this look. So very sweet yet so stylish. It’s just perfect for her.


I totally LOVE Gwyneth’s chic, sleek white Tom Ford gown and cape. Understated yet futuristic, very polished. I love that it reminds me of the “future fashion” of movies like Metropolis, Things to Come, Forbidden Planet etc, but is so subtle and refined.


Love everything about Glenn Close’s look. She exudes power with a feminine edge in a Zac Posen gown that’s just the right color, fabric, and fit. Especially love the Art Deco styling of the bustier-type top. The sheer train and stylized blazer complete an interesting and lovely ensemble.


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