Mary Katrantzou


Uhhh OMFG. Mary Katrantzou = my new favorite designer. My eyeballs are pretty much having orgasms taking in all this colorful futuristic goodness.


The patterns can be a bit of an overload at times, making some of it less wearable perhaps, but really going more in the direction of wearable art. I love the shapes, texture, color, pattern… the overall feel. Total fashion candy.


I feel as if all my favorite film fashions have come to life but even bigger and better. I also have a powerful hankering to pull out the sketchbook since these are so sci-fi fantasy fantastic!


I mean, yeah. I could just go on and on and on. There are so many amazing pieces, the collection of them all almost reminds me of the Jem Wardrobe in terms of outlandish futuristic fantasy and colorful intricacies. Except like, even better.

Picture 24 

Especially love the middle 2 looks and the bodice of the leftmost one. It’s fun to imagine the futuristic girl who would wear these and her adventures… comic book, just sayin’.


I. am. drooling. That is all. (for now.) I would wear the look on the right today and not think twice (except about how *awesome* is is!) Love the stripes in particular.


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