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Holy heck a blog post

July 12, 2013

Hey wow I sure haven’t blogged in a long time. Many exciting things have happened IRL though! Among them:


– I got pink hair (first all bright pink, then all light pink, then blonde with pink tips, now I have blonde with pink roots). Another pink-haired blogger, just what the world needs, am i rite? 😉

– EJ and I moved in together (still in SF) 🙂


– Our band Vicereine had our first show at DNA Lounge in SF! SO FUN!! Check out our videos and follow us, more news and sounds coming soon.

– I started doing pole dance/fitness which is my favorite thing ever.

Once and awhile something comes up that I want to blog about so I might do it here and there. Like once a year sounds reasonable.


Mary Katrantzou

March 4, 2012


Uhhh OMFG. Mary Katrantzou = my new favorite designer. My eyeballs are pretty much having orgasms taking in all this colorful futuristic goodness.


The patterns can be a bit of an overload at times, making some of it less wearable perhaps, but really going more in the direction of wearable art. I love the shapes, texture, color, pattern… the overall feel. Total fashion candy.


I feel as if all my favorite film fashions have come to life but even bigger and better. I also have a powerful hankering to pull out the sketchbook since these are so sci-fi fantasy fantastic!


I mean, yeah. I could just go on and on and on. There are so many amazing pieces, the collection of them all almost reminds me of the Jem Wardrobe in terms of outlandish futuristic fantasy and colorful intricacies. Except like, even better.

Picture 24 

Especially love the middle 2 looks and the bodice of the leftmost one. It’s fun to imagine the futuristic girl who would wear these and her adventures… comic book, just sayin’.


I. am. drooling. That is all. (for now.) I would wear the look on the right today and not think twice (except about how *awesome* is is!) Love the stripes in particular.

Crazy-ass SF Grammy dresses

February 13, 2012

Not a fan of the Grammys, didn’t watch them, but….


Sasha Gradiva sporting a seriously badass gun arm. Most commentators are being like, “WTF, UR NOT GAGA” but I must say I’m loving it.


Songwriter Bonnie McKee in another inventive sci-fi creation. I’m not a fan of the streamers, but I love the dress itself. “Romantic Disco Cyborg” is definitely a look I support.

Rhinestone wedges…

February 6, 2012

Reposting from Audrey Kitching…


Ahh… love these, though I would probably make a toned-down version. I’ve been wanting to make wedge platforms where the top is black and the bottom has lots of magical gems… I just may have to do this.

San Diego, Doe Deere, and More

May 26, 2010


San Diego. The beach life is a good life. +Sweet beach house +Much frolicking in sand, much baking of cookies and playing of many a loooong complex strategy board game… the must-have beach accessory of the season! FUNKENSCHLAG. (is a terrible game with a great name.)


Midnight bonfire +S’mores.. mm. Playing of paddleball/bocce/frisbee which turned into fiery frisbee resulting in death of frisbee.


Rented roller blades + awesome beach bikes in the same afternoon and cruised all over…Freeeewheeeeeelin… I adore that pink windbreaker. Mad fluorescent, big and billowy, it’s a lot of fun. ❤

A good portion of my time during the trip was spent looking at, talking to, cuddling, or otherwise obsessing over this tiny creature:


Flufftastic 5 month old, 3 lb puppy that is a mix of Chihuahua, Poodle, Pekinese, and Dachshund. OMGWTFBBCUTE? He is like a tiny teddy bear/tribble creature that is really not like a dog at all.

Witnessed a teeny bit of Bay to Breakers… hordes of crazy folk including but not limited to Bowser, a ninja turtle, fruit of all kinds, a robot with an inflatable hammer who was bopping people on the heads (the back of the robot said “The humans are dead”)… and more tiny/skintight American Apparel outfits than you could shake a stick at.


And in totally other news,  I got to meet one of my blogging idols Doe Deere today! 😀

doe remi

Doe, A Deere indeed! ❤

I Say ‘Yes’ to Noe Valley

May 15, 2010

More fun steppin out and about in the city. Noe Valley, below the Castro, mainly a residential area (lots of SF cutehomes there) has a nice little shopping/dining area. It’s like one of the quaint small towns outside of the main city, except still within it.


Garage Store! Just off the main drag. It was like a garage sale but more legit.

At one of several shoe stores, they had this sweet pony.


I think the salesgirl thought I was weird for wanting to photograph it. You clearly just don’t understand pony culture, miss.

Also, I got really excited about these space socks:


I can’t wait to wear these with… everything?? They also had them in purple. I probably need those.

Also bought a scholarly book on the history of disco (Edit: This book turned out to kind of change my life. Peter Shapiro’s Turn the Beat Around)

More Dolores Park funtimes last weekend…


Majestic mohawk poodle! Also was velvety soft! You can kind of see in this photo how neat the fur texture was… I give this dog 10/10 on the awesome scale.

Several impromptu musical performances…


Oh hey, band.


Oh hey, DJ dudes.

Hair cut! and Glama-Rama

January 18, 2010

So, it had been a reeeeally long time since my last hair trim, and I finally decided it was time to do something more interesting with my locks. I have never really had what I would term “exciting” hair, but I have liked how it looked so I never really felt compelled to try doing anything else… recently though I’ve been thinking it might be fun to have more style options than “up” or “down”, haha.

Here’s some before pictures of the mop my hair had grown into before I took the plunge. I really did like this hair, but it was just time to do something else.

hairbefore  hairbefore3

Being fairly new in the area (i.e. not having had a cut here yet) and never really having had what I would consider a “regular” stylist (since I’ve always just gotten pretty basic trims and normal stuff before) I entreated good old Internetty for advice on where to get a stylish coiffure.

After poking through some reviews, I decided to try a place called Glama-Rama in SF. And it turned out to be the best hair/salon experience of my LIFE.

First of all, the place had seriously awesome decor (inside. The outside is what I would call “Mission District Austere”, i.e. extremely plain facade, bars on all the windows, etc haha) – all the walls, doorframes, furniture, and decorations were awesome exciting colors like different bright pinks, teal, sea green, and more.


So basically I was in heaven.




Wow, I reaaally wanted to try on those wigs. Especially the pink ones, haha. I just loved the vibe of this place and felt good being there. So, this is what it’s like to have a hairdresser and salon you adore! And, it was reasonably priced, which was also nice.

My stylist, Sara, was completely awesome as well… definitely my favorite I’ve ever been to anywhere. She was ridiculously friendly from the get-go and we had a lot of fun chatting. She also listened to EXACTLY what I wanted and made great suggestions for the cut I wanted, and proceeded to work very carefully, making sure I was satisfied with every part of it.

I had a good idea of what I wanted before going in, but I didn’t have a picture or anything, just explained it to her and she did a really great job (in my opinion!). It’s a kind of longish angled bob.

hurr2 hurr3

I am excited about trying all kinds of different styles with it, ‘cause I think it’s going to be really versatile. ^_^ She also gave me a lot of styling advice and ideas along the way which was very much appreciated too!

Oh yeah, and I am sending some of my hair to Locks of Love 😉 I hope you serve someone else as well as you’ve served me, hair.


Even after she got done with the rest of the cutting, it looked like a small fluffy blond animal had exploded under my chair, haha.

hairbefore2     hurr4

So yeah! Ch-ch-changes. This was the perfect salon for this type of dramatic change, I have to say. I had such an enjoyable time and am really pleased with the results. I definitely plan to return to Glama-Rama in due time!

Crane belt.. just sayin

January 8, 2010

Well, it’s gettin to be a little late for me to do a whole big post (and I am tired), so I thought I would just post a picture of my sweet new belt with a CRANE BUCKLE that I got at a thrift store for $1.


In the words (or I guess, word?) of Napoleon Dynamite, “Yessss".” Also I really like the word crane. crane crane crane. CRANE

I also got some amusing novelty records which I will be posting about soon. I do so love amusing old records.

Back in the Knitting Saddle

December 22, 2009


My mom taught me how to knit about 5 years ago, and since then I’ve made tons of fun, awesome, and one of a kind items for myself and as gifts. My mom, sister, and I always have fun planning projects, helping each other along the way, and admiring them when they’re done!

I’ve made too many scarves to count, probably 6-8 hats (including a bear hat), two sets of wristlets/armwarmers, a cute vest, two lovely capelets (never considered I might want a capelet until I found some gorgeous patterns!), a doormat (not quite done with this one, haha..), belts, bracelets, and more.

As time has gone by, I’ve attempted more complicated patterns, which can sometimes be *the* most frustrating things ever, as I’ve discovered. But it feels good when you finally figure it out.


Luckily, my sister is basically a knitting genius and is *really* good at deciphering even crazy patterns and figuring out weird techniques, and she has the patience I seem to lack when it comes to dealing with the inevitable problems and confusion that more complicated knitting can bring. She’s made at least 6 amazing sweaters, some of which have caused her major grief along the way (like, having to rip out most of her work and start over.. ahh!) but they turned out great in the end.

Anyway, after building up my confidence with scarves and hats and other projects that gradually increased in difficulty, I decided it was time for me to try my first sweater. I picked out a pattern from the fabulous Vogue Knitting, admittedly not a super easy one, bought my yarn, and began.

grumpy knitted woman

Well, long story short, I probably should have picked something easier for my first try, haha. It was a LOT of knitting on small needles, and I misread the pattern a few times/did things wrong so I had to rip out and redo a few times, sometimes major chunks >:O

Sometimes the frustration would get to be too much and I would put the thing aside in disgust for some span of time, sometimes quite awhile. It was keeping me from making other projects in the meantime because I felt I had to finish the sweater before starting anything else (now I know this is the wrong attitude).


Finally, when I was really nearing the end, I got so frustrated trying to put the pieces together that I abandoned the sweater again, this time for a REALLY long time.

And that’s how the sweater took me [seriously] three years to complete! Given, I did not work on it steadily most of the time because I usually was about ready to chuck it out the window. Recently there has basically been a halt on all knitting in my life, in large part to the sweater discouragement.


But, two nights ago, I decided it was time to END IT. And so I did. And now it’s basically done, which is very exciting to me. Of course, it’s too big for me (another thing that made me angry/discouraged after all the work) but I think it can be taken in and then will fit a little better.

So that’s my story about me and my sweater, haha. Now I feel all excited about knitting again and want to go on a knitting spree and make tons of awesome stuff! I may even try another sweater again sometime, when I work up the courage (and possibly pick an easy-ish pattern).

I already started (and am about halfway done) with a really cute trapper hat (with flaps n stuff). I will post pics of my sweater when it’s done-done, and try to take pics of more of my completed goods to share on here soon.

Christmas makeup – BOLD ;)

December 15, 2009

For the Reno Santa Crawl, I wanted to do some really wild red and green makeup, bold eyes, bold lips, glitter everywhere.. and it was the first time I used my red tinsel MAC lashes!

I’ve had these for a looong time but never done more than just gaze at them and try to picture what I would wear them to. I got so many compliments on them and this look! It was the perfect occasion for these 🙂

xmas4 (Sry the lighting kinda sucks… the green and red were WAY brighter irl)



On the eyes I did Landscape Green chromaline as a base with Kelly Green, Emerald Green, and Forest Green pigments (all MAC) with the “Sunsonic” lashes. Lips were Ruby Woo.. I would have done glitter lips but I don’t have any red glitter!! I also put a lot of Reflects Gold glitter on my cheeks which didn’t show as much in these pics, alas.