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February 9, 2012


Me wearing EJ’s Xmas present from me to him, but secretly from me to me.

Also, to make this entry about Boba Fetts, or should I say, Bobas Fett, observe:

bro-ba fett

Master Chief fends off an attempt to intrude on his special moment. Meanwhile, Bro-Ba Fett is like, “Yeah, Bro!”. (From a J-town toystore window.)

And, in other news:


Spock bust cookie jar! OMG. I suppose this type of cookie jar of anyone is actually kind of disturbing though since you have to take off their head. Sorry Spock! Me want cookies.


Cutesaurus (IRL)

March 25, 2010

At last we meet.


Outside a shoe store in the Haight (Her back says “Please don’t sit on me”)

Leaving the beach we came upon an apartment building. But not just ANY apartment building.


OH MY GOD. It’s Cutesaurus as a building!! (Hey EJ.. show us yer tits…!)

In the morning we first went to the SF Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park. Exciting flora to be seen.


Nature is most tranquil.

The next day, we went to the Fillmore square farmer’s market, which had funky jazz accompaniment by a cool band (sick bass!) and was attended by an amusing cross-slice of city denizens.

I queued up at the most popular vegetable vendor and was making my selections, rummaging through the beets and rainbow chard. I wanted to try something new… like a celery root, but I wasn’t sure about the celery root since I’ve never cooked it myself before… but I looked in the line and almost everyone was holding a celery root! So I was like wow there must be something to this celery root business. So I got a celery root too.

I know you’re probably thinking, HEY, if everyone jumped off a cliff with their celery root, would you do the same thing? And I answer you: probably.

Plus, what the heck is up with salted duck eggs??


Looks like a party, right?

City Life

March 10, 2010


(Photo taken on top of my roof! woo)

Yesterday I came upon a promising pile next to a dumpster from which RoboCop’s steely visage gazed at me from a VHS tape box and I was lured in, like a moth to the flame (as many could tell you, RoboCop is basically catnip to Cutesaurus.) There were many more VHS, but none I felt I had to have in the end. (It turns out it was RoboCop 2, which I already own on VHS. Nerdout)

There was a box of books, however, which became increasingly exciting to me as I delved. The best thing was Martin Amis’ sizeable collection of essays, which I don’t already have and have been wanting!! ZOMG. Trash pile, you love me. I snagged a number of others including some Michael Palin travel books, a George Saunders novelette, and a few others.

Some of the books were a little bit wet, and I was at first perturbed by this news. It did rain a little this morning. I also gave a sniff and it seemed to be okay… and let’s be honest here. I probably would have taken the books anyway. Martin Amis!!

As I was pawing through them, a middle aged Middle Eastern woman (or, a MAME, if you will) was passing by and stopped to look at what I was doing, and peer at the goods. We exchanged words about the stuff, and I told her it was slightly wet, and she was like “Maybe somebody pee.” I was like OK. THANKS A LOT.

Anyway, needless to say I was *stoked*.


(“So True” Cjaelzuriel’s Salon (?!?), Mr. Bling Bling, Esquire Salon… fine establishments all)

Hills aside, The City. It’s awesome. I have been walking until my feet and legs grow sore, exploring the neighborhood n stuff. I am already seeing two shows at the Fillmore soon, which is several blocks from my house. (Trivia: my first concert was at the Fillmore! Aww. It was Blondie and it was awesome.)


(Not my house. I wish my house was cute like this. There are many other cutehomes in SF, as I’ve discovered repeatedly. Will try to document further instances.)

There have also been exciting sightings (that’s fun to say) of colorful folk. Last night I saw an azn dude dressed as Cloud Strife?? with the giant sword thing. Wish I had gotten a pic! Also I saw this awesome bike yesterday (though this was actually in Berkeley…)


Also the neighbor’s cat and I have been exchanging gazes (I think it’d be fair to call them longing gazes) through the window across the narrow space between our buildings.


(S)he stares at me very intently sometimes. Also in the last 24 hours (s)he was joined by a chihuahua (sadly did not document this photographically).

Lash La Rue

January 25, 2010


Well, in total randomness, I just had to post some of this stuff from the Wiki article on Lash La Rue.

The reason I was looking up Lash La Rue is because I was looking for an old band called La Rue I’d just barely heard of (there’s also apparently a 90s Christian sibling duo of the same name), and I was interested because of the currently awesome La Roux. Suffice to say, there are a lot of famous La Rue/Rouxs running around.

Anyway, Lash La Rue. He was a popular western motion picture (and comics) star of the 1940’s and 1950’s noted for his exceptional skill with his Bull Whip trademark (and, incidentally, his bull whip.) In 1983, he was one of the first winners of the Golden Boot Award. He also had an imitator called Whip Wilson!


Another interesting tidbit: A role as the villain in a pornographic western, Hard on the Trail, led him to repentance as a missionary for ten years, as he had not been informed of the adult nature of the film and would not have consented to appear in the film. (He did not actually appear in any of the pornographic scenes.)

La Rue was also noted for instructing Harrison Ford in how to use the bullwhip for the Indiana Jones movies.

WHERE IS THE BIOPIC, PEOPLE?? This is way too good.

In other news the top result on google tells a more sordid tale:

“When his career began to wane, the handsome cowboy, once known as the screen’s "King of the Bullwhip," often found himself arrested for drunkenness, vagrancy, misdemeanors, small crimes, and drugs. While destitute, he chose a lead role in a pornographic film, Hard On The Trail, and, after being married twelve times, found God and became a preacher on the rodeo and country music circuit.”

I again say… where is the biopic 😉 haha.

“In his last years, La Rue continued to drive around Hollywood in his 1968 black Cadillac hearse with a bumper sticker that read "God Loves You".”

Wow, Lash. Just… wow.

XMAS Movie Favorites: MST3K Edition

December 23, 2009

If you’re not familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, I seriously recommend giving it a try. That is, if you like things that are extremely campy, in that B-movie way (and hilarious).

“The series features a man and his robot sidekicks who are trapped on a space station by an evil scientist and forced to watch a selection of bad movies, initially (but not especially limited to) science fiction B-movies.” (thx wikipedia)

I’ve been an avid viewer of the show (never actually viewed it on broadcast television) since I discovered it about 6 years ago. I haven’t seen anywhere near all of them, but I’ve seen a lot. (I’ll post more about this another tiem so this Christmas post doesn’t get clogged up).

And, there are Christmas episodes of course! Really good ones, I might add. The movies themselves are really, reeeally terrible (I actually watched Santa Claus Conquers the Martians normally before seeing the episode :X What does this say about me.. haha) but the riffing is all the more hilarious for that fact.

MST3K Season 3, Episode 21 (1991): Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)


Currently ranking at #77 on the IMDB Bottom 100 list (where it has long been a regular fixture, often ranking even higher), SCCTM is not for the faint of B-Movie heart. Martians kidnap Santa Claus to make him be Santa on Mars, since the Martian children seem down in the dumps. They don’t have any toys, and all their food comes in pill form, so why wouldn’t they be??


There’s a lot of ridiculous forced and too-long laughter from Santa and any child that ever appears onscreen. There’s  a ridiculous Martian buffoon named ‘Droppo’, the “laziest man on Mars”, who eventually decides he wants to be the Martian Santa. The movie also features its own Christmas song during the beginning and end credits, the chorus of which is as follows: “You spell it S-A-N-T-A C-L-A-U-S, HOORAY FOR SANTY CLAUS!”

All in all it is extremely campy and extremely terrible, which makes for a fun watch (if you’re into that kind of thing).

MST3K Season 5, Episode 21 (1993): Santa Claus (1959, Mexico)


This one’s currently ranked at #44 in the IMDB Bottom 100, wow! But I guess that’s well-deserved, too. As a small preface, this movie hails (haha, almost typed ‘fails’, which is true too) from Mexico, where Santa Claus has never been a tradition, so this Santa story has a lot of liberties taken with the facts about SC.


In this truly bizarre film, Santa has a workshop in space (“above the North Pole”). He doesn’t have elves but rather uses children from all over the world to help him make toys (all of whom are dressed extremely ethnically, and introduce themselves and their countries one by one in a very lengthy and grueling series of songs). He has wind-up reindeer, and all kinds of gadgets for spying on the children of earth. In fact, this Santa is severely creepy (but B-movie Santas seem to possess the ability to be creepier than any other cinematic Santa).

He also gets help from Merlin. Yes, that Merlin.

Furthermore, the villain is a demon named Pitch, sent by Satan to Earth to try to corrupt children into doing evil. Seriously.


Heard enough? This is one of the truly weirdest movies I’ve ever seen, and I feel pretty confident in saying I’ve seen some weird stuff. With a particularly awesome round of MST3K riffing, it provides some pure hilarious and strange fun.

This entry caused me to think about non-MST3K’d holiday B-movies, of which there are many, but I haven’t seen a lot of them because I’m not THAT much of a glutton for punishment in that way (anymore.) Most of the ones I’m aware of are holiday-themed horror and are mainly funny because of their titles. Christmas Evil. Santa’s Slay. Silent Night, Bloody Night. I think they’re all basically the same movie, though.

Video game wines

November 25, 2009

Believe it or not, there’s actually more than one video game-themed wine. I just heard about 8-Bit Vintners the other day:

8bitwineThey’re based in Washington, which I guess makes sense considering the Nintendo HQ in Redmond. Sounds pretty tasty in my opinion.. mmm, I do love syrah blends.

The first one I encountered (though still haven’t tried yet) is Boss Monster Zin, which comes from Dry Creek (near Sonoma valley).


What will be next on the retrogamer wine market? MegaMerlot, perhaps? Super Nebbiolo Brothers? (perhaps not surprisingly, retro videogame wine puns aren’t exactly leaping out at me – but don’t think for a second that will stop me from trying). GOOMBA’S LEAP!!

House of Diehl’s Style Wars – SF, 11/21

November 23, 2009

stylewars (Disregard the NY part above, haha – we went to the Mezzanine in SF. They travel around doing this all over the place.)

Sara told me about this and we decided to go, despite our total lack of knowledge of what exactly this event would entail. I took the opportunity to get a little bit dressed up and do some very edgy makeup.


fafi5 outfit1 First time I wore my new sweater dress (garage sale!), with silver American Apparel belt. Headband by Cutesaurus 😉

Well, the event certainly was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Basically, it’s a competition in which designers go head to head in 4.5 minute “battles”, creating entire couture outfits from scratch as they go, and then a panel of judges decides the victor.

It started out with the two hosts making a dress out of umbrellas, which looked awesome but uncomfortable.

umbrelladressJust found another really neat pic of it online..


Then the competitions began. I was dazzled from the start by the sheer fun and creativity of it. No rules, just 4.5 minutes to concoct.. whatever!

Some of them were definitely waaaay out there. All of them were interesting in their own way though, and it was really fun to watch them take shape. Now I just want to like, start cutting up things and doing terrifically stylish things with them all the time.

I think there were like.. 8 rounds? I didn’t record them all, and sadly my cam sucks for pics in these situations, but I got a few of the walkoffs so you can get an idea of the general weird and wild awesomeness of it all.

This one definitely has my favorite outfit of the night, which I immediately WANTED bad, so basically now I want to make this, haha. It’s the first one in the video, the pink bodysuit (made from a hot pink sleeveless ski suit w/ legs cut off) with some silver perforated material as a jacket/wide belt, with silver streamers attached as epaulettes. If/when I ever make a music video, I know what I’ll be wearing. 😀

However the paper dress actually won that round, to my surprise. By this point I hadn’t yet figured out the judges, who turned out to be ridiculously LAME in my opinion. They all seemed totally unenthusiastic, disdainful, and acted like they didn’t even want to be there! Like they thought it was all kind of ridiculous and dumb. Every time, without fail, they ALL chose the more conservative outfit. Anytime a designer added something really out there and strange to the look, it basically meant there was no way it would win.

Two great examples to follow. Though the weird ones are definitely WEIRD, and the winning ones were pretty darn cool.

The theme for this round was ‘Bling Dynasty’.. I thought both outfits ended up pretty cool, but the violin mask thing was pretty weird, so the judges picked the blue one (which admittedly I did like better too, haha).

This round didn’t have a theme, but I think it produced one of the craziest outfits. The dress with paper lanterns won of course, but that one is an amazing idea really well-executed, while the other one was kinda cool.. but kinda nuts. The team made a sort of  ‘dark fairy’ look using copper tubing for the wings. It seemed to be going well until they made the bold move of putting this silver metallic purse on the model’s head as a sort of helmet-hat. Kiss of death from the judges!

I wish I had better pictures of all the outfits, because it really was impressive. Oh well!

More Halloween pictures

November 3, 2009

Continued adventures in future costume in San Fran. This was actually on Friday, Oct 30. On real Halloween, we went to Davis for the free Art Brut show (read more about it in my music blog here).

My companions were:

‘Super’ Sara as Scissors:

sarascissors1 sarascissors2

Suuuper indeed. Very cute, creative, and easy idea. She got both items at American Apparel because of last-minute time crunch, so it ended up being kind of pricey, but could be duplicated with less $$ items 😉

EJ as Han Solo:


A valiant last-minute effort as well.. costume could still use a blaster (as could mine, haha.. I learned I need to shop for potential blasters all year round) and some boots. Who’s scruffy lookin’?!

Interestingly, EJ would go on the dress up as Princess Leia the very next day… (see previous post) What does this say about my man, I wonder?

I think we made a pretty cool looking bunch:


We encountered many strange folk and some good costumes, and some that were frightening.


Clearly, I was very perturbed.

Sara, however, was not.


(Incidentally, I think we may be going to one or both of the shows advertised on the posters in this picture! The other one is Neon Indian.. yessss)

The Dia De Los Muertos face makeup mask costume seems to be gaining in popularity. These dudes wore it well.


After a long night out, we encountered someone Sara knew on the long train ride home at about 2 am.


I love everything about this picture. Check out the reflection of the clearly very delighted me and EJ.

Well, I think that does it for my Halloween photos to post, finally. What a good holiday 😀

My costume… from the FUTURE!! ;)

November 2, 2009

I had a lot of fun with this. I think a lot of variations on this theme are possible and would definitely be fun too! I really wished I had some kind of neon blaster, haha. I intended to make more futuristic gadgets as well,  but didn’t have the time or the supplies to make them look really good.

Except for my power glove.


powergloveI made this thing with a ski glove (thrift store), handheld light-up tetris game (brand new in package at thrift store! the lid opens when you press the silver button), assorted craft gems, a bit of construction paper, glue and voila! Fanciful space accessory.

The total ensemble:

costumefuture Space dress (consignment shop in Reno), shiny fanny pack (Americal Apparel), neon magenta wig (from teh internets), power glove seen above, my ridiiiiculous platform white mod boots (had these forever, wear them almost every Halloween.. they make me about 6’4!!), black tights, blue knee highs, silver headband (AA) with TV antennae attached, futuristic makeups with more gems of POWER!




Had an awful lot of fun in this outfit, though the boots were KILLING me after awhile!


(me with my goodpal Sara, dressed as a [by this point very drunk] pair of scissors. see my next entry for moar)


Future trains. Trains are futuristic. Kinda.

And of course this kind of thing requires some photoshop fun.


So there you have it! Good futuristic times.

Halloween story time

October 30, 2009

Gather round, children! This is a fairly lengthy story I wrote around Halloween last year (not FOR Halloween, but it coincided pretty darn well, I must say) and I figured I would post the final version up here for your reading enjoyment 😉

This was a ton of fun to write and I could definitely see more being added to the story, but for now, enjoy what I consider my best completed work to date, “The Haunt”.

haunted-houseThe Haunt – Remi B., 2008