February 9, 2012


Me wearing EJ’s Xmas present from me to him, but secretly from me to me.

Also, to make this entry about Boba Fetts, or should I say, Bobas Fett, observe:

bro-ba fett

Master Chief fends off an attempt to intrude on his special moment. Meanwhile, Bro-Ba Fett is like, “Yeah, Bro!”. (From a J-town toystore window.)

And, in other news:


Spock bust cookie jar! OMG. I suppose this type of cookie jar of anyone is actually kind of disturbing though since you have to take off their head. Sorry Spock! Me want cookies.


Valentine Mixtape

February 8, 2012

Mixtape #2: Valentine’s Edition! Songs about love, for lovers, except, y’know, not lame. Nothing quiet about this disco storm. Equally suited for dancing or loving…. It’s sugar frosted, baby.


“Running Back to You” – Perseus

“Prisoner of Love” – Jessica 6 (feat. Antony)

“Sugar Frosted Lover” – The Flakes

Lab File #11 – Tiger & Woods (haha, unromantic name for a DOPE track.. I think of it as the “Romeo and Juliet” one)

“I Just Love What You’re Doing” – Hot Chocolate

“Where You’ll Stay” – Falcon Punch

“With You Forever” – PNAU

“Don’t Stop the Dub” – Majesty’s Pleasure

“True Romance” – Citizens! (Cassian remix)

“2 Hearts” – Digitalism

SF Snaps

February 6, 2012

Phone pix from here and there around some of my favorite spots in SF.

new people

At New People in Japantown. A must-do if you’re in that part of town. Be sure to go upstairs and check out the new garden design section of the building too.

chambers phoenixhotel

At Chambers/The Phoenix Hotel pool. I am in love with the design and decor of both. Also, my friend has amazing taste in socks and shoes.


At Miette candy shop in Hayes Valley. This place is just adorable. It’s pretty for the eyes, tasty for the mouth… but a bit too easy to go overboard. Try the macarons and the candied “jordan” pistachios – like those candy-shell almonds, but green.


At Paul’s Hat Works in the Richmond. This charming little shop, opened in 1918, is run by 4 quirky and awesome ladies who aim to “bring the hat back” and make beautiful custom-made hats as well as refurbishing vintage ones. I love these amazing antique hatboxes as well.

Rhinestone wedges…

February 6, 2012

Reposting from Audrey Kitching… http://audrey.buzznet.com/user/journal/17229253/diy-rinestone-overload-gem-wedges/


Ahh… love these, though I would probably make a toned-down version. I’ve been wanting to make wedge platforms where the top is black and the bottom has lots of magical gems… I just may have to do this.

Computers of Love

February 3, 2012

Killer Sci-Funk song by Chrome Canyon. Definitely gotta seek out more of their material. Unsure where this video footage is from, but I love it… it looks like a cheesy TRON spinoff. I do remember seeing the “melting metal lovers turn into dragonfly” rave graphics played at high school dances though.

Mixtape #1

February 1, 2012

8tracks.com is a really cool site that lets you make mixes using uploaded songs or Soundcloud files. I’m going to start posting these once in awhile 🙂

For the first one I didn’t obsess over it too much. A bunch of my favorite dark synthy nu-disco tracks for the most part.

Track list:

1. Chromatics – “Mask”

2. Yuksek – “On a Train” (The Magician remix)

3. Oliver – “Memories of the Future”

4. Beth Ditto – “I Wrote the Book”

5. Todd Terje – “Swing Star Pt. 2”

6. Is Tropical – “Lies”

7. Voltaire Twins – “Romulus” (Moulinex remix)

8. Haruomi Hosono – “Sports Men”

Space Stallions

February 1, 2012

Incredibly RAD 80’s throwback animated clip. Swords and sorcery in space! It’s pretty much He-Man/She-Ra+ Jem + My Little Pony. AKA Everything about this is awesome. Really incredible job by all who worked on it!

Time Masters/Moebius

January 30, 2012


Since discovering French artist Jean Giraud AKA Moebius I have become obsessed with his work, particularly his SF/Fantasy stuff. In addition to his comix and art, he did production design and storyboards for The Fifth Element, Alien, TRON (1980), The Abyss, Little Nemo, and more. He also worked on the uncompleted Jodorowsky Dune film and his work has been a huge influence on Star Wars (especially the prequels), Blade Runner, and countless other SF works. He was one of the founders of the French magazine Metal Hurlant, which became Heavy Metal when brought to the US. And, a friend of Hayao Miyazaki, they have sometimes collaborated, and Moebius even named his daughter Nausicaa!


Stills from the animated 1982 feature film The Time Masters, directed by Rene Laloux (whose most famous work is the 1973 animated feature for adults, Fantastic Planet), design by Moebius. (Overall I thought the movie was just OK, but I did like the visuals a lot.)






These shots show some of what I love about his style. Crisp yet expressive lines, lots of gorgeous details, and some of the most delicious color palettes around… his work really is candy for the eyes. The comix are even better… more on which, I hope, later.

Back… to the Future

January 30, 2012

OH HAI. Wow, I fell off the blog hard there. No matter. Let’s just look at these neato book covers, shall we?




I love pawing through piles of old sf books, most of all because of the *amazing* cover art work. I am unsure of any of the artists on these (snapped with my phone) so if anyone does know, please share in the comments!

San Diego, Doe Deere, and More

May 26, 2010


San Diego. The beach life is a good life. +Sweet beach house +Much frolicking in sand, much baking of cookies and playing of many a loooong complex strategy board game… the must-have beach accessory of the season! FUNKENSCHLAG. (is a terrible game with a great name.)


Midnight bonfire +S’mores.. mm. Playing of paddleball/bocce/frisbee which turned into fiery frisbee resulting in death of frisbee.


Rented roller blades + awesome beach bikes in the same afternoon and cruised all over…Freeeewheeeeeelin… I adore that pink windbreaker. Mad fluorescent, big and billowy, it’s a lot of fun. ❤

A good portion of my time during the trip was spent looking at, talking to, cuddling, or otherwise obsessing over this tiny creature:


Flufftastic 5 month old, 3 lb puppy that is a mix of Chihuahua, Poodle, Pekinese, and Dachshund. OMGWTFBBCUTE? He is like a tiny teddy bear/tribble creature that is really not like a dog at all.

Witnessed a teeny bit of Bay to Breakers… hordes of crazy folk including but not limited to Bowser, a ninja turtle, fruit of all kinds, a robot with an inflatable hammer who was bopping people on the heads (the back of the robot said “The humans are dead”)… and more tiny/skintight American Apparel outfits than you could shake a stick at.


And in totally other news,  I got to meet one of my blogging idols Doe Deere today! 😀

doe remi

Doe, A Deere indeed! ❤