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San Diego, Doe Deere, and More

May 26, 2010


San Diego. The beach life is a good life. +Sweet beach house +Much frolicking in sand, much baking of cookies and playing of many a loooong complex strategy board game… the must-have beach accessory of the season! FUNKENSCHLAG. (is a terrible game with a great name.)


Midnight bonfire +S’mores.. mm. Playing of paddleball/bocce/frisbee which turned into fiery frisbee resulting in death of frisbee.


Rented roller blades + awesome beach bikes in the same afternoon and cruised all over…Freeeewheeeeeelin… I adore that pink windbreaker. Mad fluorescent, big and billowy, it’s a lot of fun. ❤

A good portion of my time during the trip was spent looking at, talking to, cuddling, or otherwise obsessing over this tiny creature:


Flufftastic 5 month old, 3 lb puppy that is a mix of Chihuahua, Poodle, Pekinese, and Dachshund. OMGWTFBBCUTE? He is like a tiny teddy bear/tribble creature that is really not like a dog at all.

Witnessed a teeny bit of Bay to Breakers… hordes of crazy folk including but not limited to Bowser, a ninja turtle, fruit of all kinds, a robot with an inflatable hammer who was bopping people on the heads (the back of the robot said “The humans are dead”)… and more tiny/skintight American Apparel outfits than you could shake a stick at.


And in totally other news,  I got to meet one of my blogging idols Doe Deere today! 😀

doe remi

Doe, A Deere indeed! ❤