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I Say ‘Yes’ to Noe Valley

May 15, 2010

More fun steppin out and about in the city. Noe Valley, below the Castro, mainly a residential area (lots of SF cutehomes there) has a nice little shopping/dining area. It’s like one of the quaint small towns outside of the main city, except still within it.


Garage Store! Just off the main drag. It was like a garage sale but more legit.

At one of several shoe stores, they had this sweet pony.


I think the salesgirl thought I was weird for wanting to photograph it. You clearly just don’t understand pony culture, miss.

Also, I got really excited about these space socks:


I can’t wait to wear these with… everything?? They also had them in purple. I probably need those.

Also bought a scholarly book on the history of disco (Edit: This book turned out to kind of change my life. Peter Shapiro’s Turn the Beat Around)

More Dolores Park funtimes last weekend…


Majestic mohawk poodle! Also was velvety soft! You can kind of see in this photo how neat the fur texture was… I give this dog 10/10 on the awesome scale.

Several impromptu musical performances…


Oh hey, band.


Oh hey, DJ dudes.


Divisadero and Its Many Murals (and More)

May 10, 2010

Many a neat mural in my hood (not even a fraction of those found in the Mission, though). Divisadero/NOPA area.


Plant It Earth


This one is just outside of a convenience store. Party time!


Hooray for jollity.. this one kinda reminds me of Sanrio. It’s probably at least 30-40 feet long. (Edit: They plastered over the left-hand 8 ft or so with commercial FUGLINESS. I am sad.)

Sweet art collective/gallery (Big Umbrella) right around the corner. Kinda weird hours but very cool.


Scads of gorgeous pink flowers lining 19th street.


Parking myself…

May 4, 2010

One thing I especially love about all of the parks here is how they protrude from the hills so you can see over much of the rest of the city, including over to the other parks. They look like big green lumps coming out of the buildings.


Alta Plaza. Giant grassy steps into the hillside. Pictures do not do the view justice; you have more than a 180-degree panoramic view of the city from pretty high above.


Up and over the other side of the park, you can actually see out into the bay. So pretty! It’s like a little window into a peaceful ocean world.


From a certain angle, you can see Alcatraz really well.


Alamo Square is not as high up, but still has nice views. It is also filled with many cavorting dogs.


This particular hill is a stop on some tour-bus routes (Full House!) so every 15 minutes or so tourists swarm over the hill to take pics. Also it’s usually insanely windy, so don’t be deceived by its serene looks.

San Fran has a lot of very picturesque things.


Haha, the owner of that Beetle will probably think I’m stalking them, because today I passed by and once again that damn car was just looking super cool in the driveway.


I also took this random picture, because I liked all the shapes and textures going on. Also, you can’t really see, but Obama is on that milk carton on the left.


Then there are the parks that are bigger and more exciting, but take more effort in voyaging to them (also fun, when I have time). Dolores Park, on weekends is so crowded it’s pretty much an event unto itself.


It’s a lot like going to a music festival, with slightly less music. Only slightly! Because many people have instruments and sometimes do impromptu performances. And people do and wear odd and interesting things, and roving dogs come up to sniff and greet you. And sometimes passing merchants will offer wares to you. And now it’s sunny, and it’s positively grand!


Plus, the SF institution Bi Rite ice cream is adjacent…worth the line! Coffee Toffee … now that’s a flavor I can get [my mouth] behind.

Buena Vista. Tis in the Haight and is extremely big/steep, and has much foliage. The top is a fairly small enclosed circle of trees with some grass and limited views through the trees, but quite a few people were up there picnicking or laying about (both of which I proceeded to do).

(In fact, I have hiked up to the top once before, on New Year’s Eve of this year, intending to see the fireworks… buuuut because of the dense trees, we actually could not see ANYTHING, could only hear the booms and pops and speculate as to the starry wonders beyond our vision. Alas!)


I took this picture during the hike up, not from the top. It seems I still  managed to find the ‘Buena Vista’, tee hee.

So that’s all the park news for now. Hooray for parks. Is what I’m saying.

Edit: Golden Gate park deserves a post (or several) unto itself. McLaren park is another very interesting one (featuring the Jerry Garcia amphitheater! Seriously!) So mayhaps more on which, AALD.

Cutesaurus (IRL)

March 25, 2010

At last we meet.


Outside a shoe store in the Haight (Her back says “Please don’t sit on me”)

Leaving the beach we came upon an apartment building. But not just ANY apartment building.


OH MY GOD. It’s Cutesaurus as a building!! (Hey EJ.. show us yer tits…!)

In the morning we first went to the SF Botanical Gardens at Golden Gate Park. Exciting flora to be seen.


Nature is most tranquil.

The next day, we went to the Fillmore square farmer’s market, which had funky jazz accompaniment by a cool band (sick bass!) and was attended by an amusing cross-slice of city denizens.

I queued up at the most popular vegetable vendor and was making my selections, rummaging through the beets and rainbow chard. I wanted to try something new… like a celery root, but I wasn’t sure about the celery root since I’ve never cooked it myself before… but I looked in the line and almost everyone was holding a celery root! So I was like wow there must be something to this celery root business. So I got a celery root too.

I know you’re probably thinking, HEY, if everyone jumped off a cliff with their celery root, would you do the same thing? And I answer you: probably.

Plus, what the heck is up with salted duck eggs??


Looks like a party, right?

The Beach in the City: Nice.

March 24, 2010

The beach on the coast of San Francisco.


The water was of course fffreezing, but it was actually much sunnier and warmer than I expected. I totally did not wear or bring anything remotely like beach-attire, but whatever. I still had fun:


We walked down the beach for some time and saw some amusing things. Like this:


Haha, she was just like, faceplanted in the sand (sunbathing, presumably…) The fellow in the distance was previously hard at work on the sand sculpture.

I found a crab body shell and decided to give Crabby a new life.



Go back to the sea, Crabby! Be free! …Go on, GIT!

City Life Continued

March 22, 2010

Walking to the park, out of nowhere I came across this special message carved in the concrete:


That’s my name! HELLO!

So that was pretty exciting. I also got some more pictures of *adorable* San Francisco homes.



Once and awhile you come across a store that makes you realize: I could really use an ornamental bird right about now.



I want to copy this birdcage yarn/felt art. So cute.


I continued on my way and got a disco sweater.


If anyone is wondering when I will wear such an item, I’ll have you know that I am considering wearing it to the Roller Disco on Thursday

And then of course I ended up spending a bunch on records!! AHH THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. But I did get this awesomeness from the bargain bin.


I think the one in the belly shirt wins this Showdown… thoughts?

Neon Glow Ice Skating

February 9, 2010

Skating in Union Square in SF (I posted about that day here). I love the neon glow, Out There on the Ice.




Disco skate posing… that’s me 😉

My neighborhood

February 2, 2010


I had a lovely time at home going there for even one night. Now the rain has kind of stopped and things are becoming incredibly green. The mustard is also blooming so there’s crazy neon yellow everywhere and it’s pretty.


Also, my pets are way more amusing than TV could ever be. Today both cats and both dogs were cavorting together and it was joyous. Also last night I discovered this:


Naughty pets having a sleepover on our outdoor furniture cushions! L to R: Pearl, Murphy, Dory being princess-like on the stack of pillows, haha.


Yeah, I guess I’m officially one of those people who blogs about their pets now.


Today the dogs were sitting together and it was also cute.


Ok that is all for now re: my pets!!

The Reno Santa Crawl

December 15, 2009

Hello all! This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the annual Reno Santa Pub Crawl, one of the largest pub crawls in the country. As in.. about 4000 drinking Santas (and other holiday-festooned folk) roaming every bar in Reno. 😀


We made it to 5 or 6 bars total, which doesn’t sound like that many I guess, haha. But we had a great time, and I have to say the whole event is pretty damn awesome. Almost everyone was totally decked (ha) out and there was definitely a lot of revelry.


Drunken zombie santas at the bar?


Radioactive snowflakes!!

Renoans, Renoites, Renites? Whatever you are, you guys know how to have a good time. Except the police, apparently.


Santa was of course the most popular costume, but there also a lot of really creative outfits or spins on old favorites. “Pimp Santa” was definitely a popular one, haha. Saw some snowmen/women, and reindeer, kilted Santa, presents, gingerbread people, 70s santa with white afro, snowflakes, trees, ornaments, polar bears, tree lights, one guy dressed in the pink bunny suit from A Christmas Story, and many, many more.

People were making some very creative use of basically every kind of Christmas decoration, haha.



At midnight there was the big gathering in the center of Reno, and holy shit, SNOWBALL FIGHT MUCH?? They were flying fast and furious from every direction, and several of us got hit in the head and face.

People were chucking them so hard they actually knocked out some of the lights on both sides of the big RENO arch, so it instead said ‘Rero’. (I was actually taking videos during this time which I will upload and do in a separate post, haha..)



War of the Santa photos on the club escalator!!

renoo7 Me with a very stylish tape-suited Santa.

I wore a red dress altered from a full-length prom dress I got at Ross a long time ago. I cut it off to about mid-calf length when I first got it, and haven’t really worn it since then… when I finally tried it on after deciding to wear it to this, I realized I’ve apparently lost a little weight? Because it no longer fit very well, haha.

With basically no time left to get a different outfit, I decided to take a stapler to it >:D Sadly I didn’t have time to get a really good one of my full outfit, but there is this little number (in front of a casino fountain, haha).

renoo1 It actually turned out really well! I stapled all the ruching on the sides so it was shorter and also had more shape. ❤ Wore it with a Santa hat, sparkly green string belt, black tights, shiny black boots, and *wild* makeup – see next post for details on that 😉

EJ is sporting his stylin $15 santa duds that I’d estimate at least 20% of the event attendees were sporting, haha. [The brotherhood of Walgreens! Also I find it pretty amazing you can get a Santa suit for $15] However he seems to have decided the beard looks better as a furry necklace.

Our other compadre Max dressed as what I like to call ‘Yacht Captain Santa”, with red pants, white captain’s coat with gold star, and cotton moustache affixed by yours truly. Here he is with another mustachioed gent we encountered.


Haha, he is wearing my hat, but in this pic it kind of looks like hair.. Mark Twain Santa…

So yeah, I definitely hope to make this a yearly tradition. Ho ho, ho!

House of Diehl’s Style Wars – SF, 11/21

November 23, 2009

stylewars (Disregard the NY part above, haha – we went to the Mezzanine in SF. They travel around doing this all over the place.)

Sara told me about this and we decided to go, despite our total lack of knowledge of what exactly this event would entail. I took the opportunity to get a little bit dressed up and do some very edgy makeup.


fafi5 outfit1 First time I wore my new sweater dress (garage sale!), with silver American Apparel belt. Headband by Cutesaurus 😉

Well, the event certainly was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Basically, it’s a competition in which designers go head to head in 4.5 minute “battles”, creating entire couture outfits from scratch as they go, and then a panel of judges decides the victor.

It started out with the two hosts making a dress out of umbrellas, which looked awesome but uncomfortable.

umbrelladressJust found another really neat pic of it online..


Then the competitions began. I was dazzled from the start by the sheer fun and creativity of it. No rules, just 4.5 minutes to concoct.. whatever!

Some of them were definitely waaaay out there. All of them were interesting in their own way though, and it was really fun to watch them take shape. Now I just want to like, start cutting up things and doing terrifically stylish things with them all the time.

I think there were like.. 8 rounds? I didn’t record them all, and sadly my cam sucks for pics in these situations, but I got a few of the walkoffs so you can get an idea of the general weird and wild awesomeness of it all.

This one definitely has my favorite outfit of the night, which I immediately WANTED bad, so basically now I want to make this, haha. It’s the first one in the video, the pink bodysuit (made from a hot pink sleeveless ski suit w/ legs cut off) with some silver perforated material as a jacket/wide belt, with silver streamers attached as epaulettes. If/when I ever make a music video, I know what I’ll be wearing. 😀

However the paper dress actually won that round, to my surprise. By this point I hadn’t yet figured out the judges, who turned out to be ridiculously LAME in my opinion. They all seemed totally unenthusiastic, disdainful, and acted like they didn’t even want to be there! Like they thought it was all kind of ridiculous and dumb. Every time, without fail, they ALL chose the more conservative outfit. Anytime a designer added something really out there and strange to the look, it basically meant there was no way it would win.

Two great examples to follow. Though the weird ones are definitely WEIRD, and the winning ones were pretty darn cool.

The theme for this round was ‘Bling Dynasty’.. I thought both outfits ended up pretty cool, but the violin mask thing was pretty weird, so the judges picked the blue one (which admittedly I did like better too, haha).

This round didn’t have a theme, but I think it produced one of the craziest outfits. The dress with paper lanterns won of course, but that one is an amazing idea really well-executed, while the other one was kinda cool.. but kinda nuts. The team made a sort of  ‘dark fairy’ look using copper tubing for the wings. It seemed to be going well until they made the bold move of putting this silver metallic purse on the model’s head as a sort of helmet-hat. Kiss of death from the judges!

I wish I had better pictures of all the outfits, because it really was impressive. Oh well!