Holiday Adventures, Part One: Christmas


A few days before Christmas, we had our second annual San Fran Double Date fun day (me + sis +bfs). Last year we went to see Let the Right One In, and that was awesome.

Anyway, as with last year, we first ate delicious dim sum until we were mere seconds from bursting. When the bill finally came, we discovered that dim sum is, alas, not an inexpensive meal. But we regretted nothing. In fact, I wish I had some now. The pork buns.. and the shrimp shu mai, omg. SO DELICIOUSSS.

dim sum2

We were planning to see Avatar in IMAX 3D, but it was sold out!! We decided to see it at a later date, and moved on to shopping around Union Square for gifts and for our ownselves. 😉 I got a disco ball lip gloss!! that I am probably too fond of, haha. Also, some shiny magenta tights. Very practical.


We also ice skated in Union Square! which was a delight, and a novelty. It was verrrrry crowded and at times perilous, what with a number of children careening forth in all directions, unable to stop and ultimately ending up ramming into the rink’s walls with full force.

However, we managed to avoid them by-and-large, and had a pleasant skating experience whooshing around, undoubtedly the envy of every yuletide passerby.

In the evening we had fine wine at my new place of employment, and then returned to Berkeley for deliciousss hot dogs. I have eaten more hot dogs since moving here than I have in like, all my prior years of life combined.


We had plans to watch a movie, but our oldass TVs in my apt actually DON’T have a way to plug in a freaking dvd player. Wow. But, all was not lost, as we turned to playing Trivial Pursuit and listening to wonderful records. I have to say I think that turned out a lot more fun 😀

Christmas was a busy and enjoyable time with many family-related gatherings. On Christmas Eve we had a “crazy hat” theme which of course made things considerably more wacky. (Sadly didn’t get the pictures from that, or the skating yet).

shred master

I also got many *awesome* gifts! My favorite is my sickk new bass and amp. THX MOM + DAD. My second favorite gift is my Astronaut Barbie. (Thx again Mom) I got tons of other delights, clothing, books (Promethea, yess.), makeup, other girly cutestuff, and… the most ridiculous thing, a LEOPARD PRINT SNUGGIE.


ahhhh. My grandma bought these for EVERYONE in my family and for our bf’s too.. I reiterate – ahhhh! It certainly made for a memorable evening.

I have to say.. it is warm though. O;)

Also, Baxter the kitty was curled up adorably on a Christmas kitty cushion.


And all was well.


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